Date Oct 01, 1975
Broadcast HBO
Division Heavyweight
Rounds 15
Venue Araneta Coliseum
Place Manila, Philippines
Promotions Don King Promotions



ESPN's SportsCentury ranked the fight as the 5th greatest sporting event of all the 20th century in 1999.

The city of Cairo had apparently been considered as a possible host to the fight: The August 1975 issue of Ring Magazine had a fictitious fight-poster of Ali-Frazier III on its cover, which listed Nasser Stadium in Cairo as the place the fight was taking place.

The general consensus was that Ali was doing Frazier a favor, giving Joe one last big payday before sending him off into retirement, and as a result Ali did relatively little training.

Ali's doctor, Ferdie Pacheco, equated the scorching heat and Frazier's relentlessness to "a trip through hell" (for Ali)."

Between the terrific heat inside the stadium, Frazier's assault and his own nonchalant training, it began to seem that Ali would wilt and fall to defeat.

Ali, after being declared the winner, fainted on the canvas. He claimed that this was the closest to dying he has ever been.

The Philippines' first multi-level commercial shopping mall was named after Muhammad Ali as a tribute to his victory. The mall is named "Ali Mall" and is located in Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City right beside the Araneta Coliseum in which the "Thrilla in Manila" took place. 

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At the beginning of the seventh round, Ali reportedly whispered in Frazier's ear, "Joe, they told me you was all washed up" Frazier growled back, "They told you wrong, pretty boy."

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