Unan Decision 12
Date Jun 16, 2012
Division Heavyweight
Rounds 12
Promotions Main Events


After Chambers allegedly tore his bicep early in the fight (h/t Boston Herald)—completely disabling the veteran from throwing his left hand—it was expected that Adamek would run through him and make a statement to the boxing community.

Twelve rounds later, Adamek may have won the fight but there was contention that the decision could have gone either way.

Chambers told the Boston Herald after the fight about how it would have ended if it wasn't for his arm injury:

"I'm sure I would have won the fight if I had both hands. I threw a hook off my jab and his big arm got in the way. I must have torn something in the bicep. I tried later to throw some punches with my left, but I couldn't muscle anything with my left. I had to figure out what to do. I wouldn't have it. I had to roll with it. If my arm fell off, I still would have been out there."

Adamek came forward behind a jab in the opening round. Chambers used movement and made Adamek miss often, while slipping in a few shots of his own. Chambers informed his corner following the first round he had sustained a muscle injury to his left arm.

He often switched between orthodox and southpaw stances and threw sparingly with the left hand throughout. 




Adamek entered as the # 3 heavyweight contender by The Ring Magazine. Chambers, who had not fought in over 16 months and just once in two years and three months, was unranked by the same publication.

At 202 lbs., Chambers was fighting at the lightest weight of his professional career.

Chambers entered as a 1.7/1 betting underdog.

B.J. Flores scored the bout 115-113 in favor of Chambers.

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