Unan Decision 12
Date Apr 19, 1991
Time 9 PM/ET
Division Heavyweight
Rounds 12
Promotions Main Events Top Rank
Favorite Holyfield


On April 19, 1991, Foreman was given the opportunity to challenge undisputed heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield for the world title.

Very few boxing experts gave the 42-year-old Foreman a chance of winning.  As a matter of fact, the fight was supposed to be a mis-match by most accounts. Many believed Foreman, 24-0 since his comeback, didn't belong in the same ring with Holyfield.

Foreman, who weighed in at 257 pounds, began the contest by marching forward, absorbing several of Holyfield's best combinations and occasionally landing a powerful swing of his own and winning some of the early rounds.  However, Holyfield proved too tough and agile to knock down and was ahead on points throughout the fight - But Foreman surprised many by going the distance, staying competitive and blasting the younger champion throughout. Indeed, this fight was anything but a mis-match as the 42 year old Foreman had the 28 year old champion in trouble on several occasions.

Round 7
In Round 7, Foreman knocked Holyfield off balance before being staggered by a powerful combination. It was give-and-take the entire round and served as RING Magazine's "Round Of The Year."

Forty-Somethings in Boxing
Although Foreman lost, this fight was instrumental in proving a well-trained boxer in his 40s could, in fact, threaten a young, top-flight 20s something champion at his peak.  It was a Fight for the Ages!

And yes, Big George would achieve his dream three years later by knocking out Michael Moorer for the WBA/IBF titles and the coveted lineal heavyweight championship.

Pro Sports Ramifications
This bout not only created the groundswell for Foreman's title-winning bout three years later, it transcended Foreman's popularity far beyond boxing and made him an inspiration and icon for 40+ somethings in professional sports.


116-111 | 117-110 | 115-112

Foreman was deducted a point in Round 11 


Since launching his comeback 3 years prior to this bout, Foreman was 24-0, 23 KOs

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"I'm here to prove the age of 40, 50, is not a death sentence,"
George Foreman.


Holyfield, $20 Million guaranteed; Foreman, $12.5 Million guaranteed.

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Holyfield vs Foreman Highlights (1991)

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