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Fictional movie character

November 12th, 1955

Height: 7'0" (213.3 cm)

Weight: 390 lbs/ 176.9 kg

Profession: Professional Wrestler

Nicknames: The Ultimate Male, The Ultimate Object Of Desire

Famous Quotes:

  • No, No, not yet. Not for the meatball.
  • I'm not done with him yet, boy. If I can't break your spirit, I sure enough can break your back!

Boxing vs Wrestling
Despite sharing a nearly identical workspace and having spent decades under the jurisdiction of the same state legislative bodies, boxing and wrestling are worlds apart. There have been many attempts over the years to see who would win a battle of wresting and boxing.

After 10 successful title defenses, world boxing heavyweight champion Rocky Balboa fought world wrestling champion Thunderlips in an exhibition for charity.

The rules for the match were unclear but Balboa started at a decisive disadavantage because he wore boxing gloves while Thunderlips was gloveless. Not being able to land punches with bare-fisted force nor hold or clinch effectively limited Balboa early on as what transpired resembled more of a pro wresting match than boxing.

Thunderlips dominated the first part of the match while Balboa, who had his gloves removed midway through, won the second half. Under MMA rules, Rocky would have won because Thunderlips taps when Rocky hoses something resembling a rear naked choke.

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Rocky vs Thunderlips
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