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Famed Cutman and Trainer Discusses Cotto vs Margarito II

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Migual Diaz, who has worked in the corner as a cutman for many world champions over several decades, believes Cotto vs Margarito II will be a very intriguing bout and suggests Miguel should not let his emotions about Margarito's alleged use of handwraps in their first fight consume him.

Diaz credits Cotto with being the more intelligent fighter and, unlike some in the media, doesn't expect Cotto to specifically target Margarito's bad right eye as a means of exacting revenge for Margarito's alleged illegal use of plaster-laced handwraps in their first bout in July 2008. Instead, Diaz believes Cotto should focus on outboxing Margarito just as he did in the early stages of their first meeting.

Despite giving Cotto the edge in ring intelligence and acknowledging Cotto, a Puerto Rican, will have home-field advantage as a result of the fight taking place in New York City, the popular cutman and trainer was reluctant to pick a winner. Since both fighters were thoroughly beaten-up by Pacquiao after Margarito vs Cotto I, the world class cormerman believes the fighter who has bounced back most since his loss to Pacquiao will ultimately win the rematch Saturday night.

"I think it's a 50-50 fight.. I can't separate the winner... the one who recouped better after [their loss to] Pacquiao... will be the winner," said Diaz.

When asked if the fight would go the distance, the famed cutman and trainer simply hinted a stoppage was certainly not out of the question, citing both men are capable of inflicting a lot of damage.

Handwraps Controversy
Diaz offered no decisive opinion with regards to whether Margarito's gloves were loaded during his fight with Cotto over three years ago. However, he was very surprised to learn Margarito's now defunct trainer recently attempted to defend himself claiming, on HBO's 24/7 Cotto vs Margarito, he mistakenly used a random pair of handwraps that were sitting on a table and was unaware they were tainted. 

"That is very unusual... this hard to believe," the legendary cornerman replied. Nevertheless, Diaz stopped short of making any accusations.

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