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Abner Mares and Anselmo Moreno Win Big in Anaheim

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Abner Mares and Anselmo Moreno Win Big in Anaheim Photo by Esther Lin/Showtime

Last night at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA, Golden Boy Promotions' two best 118 pounders, IBF and WBC Silver Champion Abner Mares and WBA Super Champion Anselmo Moreno, were on display and gave their respective opponents a lesson in boxing.

Both men performed like elite level fighters and finished with very convincing arguments in support of their own pound for pound consideration.

In the main event of the evening, Mexican native Abner Mares decisively beat Ghanain pugilist Joseph "King Kong" Agbeko in a 12 round rematch of their infamous August 13th "low blow" contest.

Fortunately for the sport of boxing, no blunders or mishaps took center stage during Part II. Third man in the ring, Dr. Lou Moret, did an excellent job of ensuring fair play from the outset of the fight.

Mares looked very sharp from the opening bell and seemed to be on a mission to prove his dominance over the 31 year old African fighter. He seemed to have Agbeko off balance throughout most of the fight, and did a superb job of controlling the action throughout the entire skirmish. 

Although being cut over his right eye in the second round, which was ruled to have happened as a result of a punch, the 26 year old fought like a champion and consistently beat his opponent to the punch. He repeatedly got the better of most exchanges and utilized his faster handspeed to land quick combinations on the inside.

In their last meeting, Joseph Agbeko gave away a good portion of the bout's early rounds but came on strong in the mid to late portion of the contest.

Unfortunately for the former champion, he was never able to get in rhythm and was consistently losing the numerous interchanges between the two combatants.

Although Agbeko never conceded to defeat and fought bravely during the entire bout, Abner Mares was just too fast, too busy, and just plain too good for the former IBF champ.

All three judges at ringside scored the bout exactly the same, 118-110 in favor of the Golden Boy fighter, and still IBF and WBC Silver Bantamweight Champion of the World.

Moreno vs Darchinyan

In the opening bout of the televised double header, Panamanian pugilist Anselmo Moreno not only fought his premier fight under the Golden Boy promotional banner, but also gave his first performance in front of an American audience when he defended his title against three-division world champion Anselmo Moreno vs Vic Darchinyan.

After a slow start in the first two rounds, Moreno began to feel at home at the Honda Center in round number three and started to frustrate the Armenian born fighter by making him miss while standing right in front of him.

The Panamanian technician did a masterful job of pivoting off of his front foot when Vic would launch an attack. He would then pelt him with right hooks and straight left hands when Darchinyan would fall out of position.

Unfortunately for the "Raging Bull", this happened repeatedly throughout the remainder of the bout. The former Flyweight destroyer never had an answer for the superb technique of Anselmo Moreno and looked dazed and confused during the majority of the 12 round contest.

The judges at ringside scored the fight 116-111, 120-107, and 117-110; all in favor of the WBA Super Bantamweight Champion, Anselmo Moreno.
It will be interesting to see where both 118 pound champions go from here.

A unification bout between Moreno and Mares would be a very intriguing chess match in 2012 and would provide some clarity in the highly competitive Bantamweight division.

Whatever direction their promoter decides to project their respective careers, it's safe to say that these two 26 year old fighters have the potential to be big attractions and future stars of the sport.

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