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Lamont Peterson: "The fight I really want is with Amir Khan"

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In an exclusive interview with FightSaga, Lamont Peterson was emphatic in affirming his desire to grant Amir Khan a rematch.

According to Lamont Peterson, negotiations for the Khan rematch would have been finalized by now had the Brit showed him a little more respect.

Immediately after the fight, Amir Khan and his team blitzed the media with complaints about the officiating and the alleged advantage Peterson enjoyed by fighting in his hometown. In response, Lamont Peterson graciously announced he would grant the former unified jr welterweight champ a rematch and had every intention if keeping his word. 

According to Peterson though, Khan's team is stifling their fighter's chances for an immediate rematch by attempting to dictate all aspects of the negotiation process, failing to recognize the pendulum of power has swung in Peterson's favor following the results of their first bout. As a result, negotiations stalled due to Khan's alleged arrogance and lack of respect.

"I'm the champ now. You don't tell me the terms, I tell you the terms," asserted Peterson. "I've told my manager,trainer and promoter the fight I really want is with Amir Khan.

Ever since he lost his titles, Amir Khan has conceived a cavalcade of conspiracy theories about how and why he was allegedly shafted in last month's bout against Peterson. Yesterday, Khan found someone else to focus on and shared yet another theory on Facebook and Twitter in a message titled 'Who is this guy?' with a YouTube video attached. Khan asserted a 'mystery man' who sat next to one of the judges distracted or influenced the judge.

Upon learning about Khan's latest accusation, Peterson, in jest, uttered, "This guy (Khan) cracks me up, man."

Peterson insists Khan, with his formal protest and conspiracy theories, is grasping at straws instead of working to negotiate a deal for a rematch while acknowledging Peterson's champion status in the process. The new unified jr welterweight champ insists money isn't a major issue but Khan's alleged lack of respect is.

When asked if he wanted the rematch to take place in DC, Peterson said he'd prefer to fight in Las Vegas and stated he has no intention of fighting Khan in DC again.

Peterson, who stated he learns and improves with every fight, concluded the interview saying, "Khan really doesn't want a rematch with me. I've watched the tapes and see what I need to do different this time. I will dominate him if we do it again. I'll knock him out."

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