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Miguel Diaz: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Defeats Sergio Martinez

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Boxing authority picks Julio Cesar Chavez Jr to upset Sergio Martinez.

When someone who has been in the game as long as Miguel Diaz predicts the winner for a major fight, people listen. Even if the majority of boxing experts believe otherwise, his resume demands consideration of his opinion. What he's learned in his 40+ years in the sport make him arguably one of the most seasoned and knowledgeable people in boxing.

Miguel Diaz is an accomplished boxing trainer and cut-man and one of the most respected individuals in boxing today. He was selected to receive the Futch–Condon Award for the 1999 Trainer of the Year by the Boxing Writers Association of America and was inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame on November 15, 2008. Diaz has trained numerous world champions including Erik Morales, Fernando Vargas, Miguel Cotto, Daniel Jimenez and Marcos Maidana. As a cut-man, he has served in the corners of some of the greatest fighters of all-time including Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.

Diaz has seen it all through his decades of experience as both cut-man and trainer so when he confidently asserts Julio Cesar Chavez Jr will beat Sergio Martinez, the boxing public must take notice. And while the majority of boxing insiders, including trainers and fighters, and fans alike will vehemently disagree with the legendary trainer and cut-man, only a handful of people are qualified to question his judgment.

"You have to give the advantage to Julio Cesar Jr. in that fight because of what he showed in his last fight," Diaz said. "He showed he can box... He showed he can use his right hand (effectively) which he had never shown before his last fight."

Has Julio Cesar Chavez Jr crossed the threshold from a green prospect with a 'gift' title to a real and legitimate championship level fighter? Perhaps he has but the world will not acknowledge him as such until he fights and beats the best – Sergio Martinez.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr faces the gritty and powerful Marco Antonio Rubio at the Alamodome in San Antonio Texas on February 4th. Rubio is a top contender and legitimate threat to Julio Cesar Chavez's reign so a good win over Rubio would certainly add to the 25 year old Chavez's credibility. Nevertheless, in the eyes of the boxing public Rubio is no Sergio Martinez.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Sergio Martinez would be one of the most anticipated fights of 2012 should it happen.

If Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Sergio Martinez win their respective fights, the WBC has confirmed that fight negotiations between the Chavez and Martinez camps must begin immediately in order for Julio Cesar Chavez to keep his WBC Middleweight Title.

Obviously, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr still has the option to bypass Sergio Martinez and relinquish his belt. Should that happen, the WBC would award the vacated title to Sergio Martinez, their champion emeritus (or champion in-waiting) since January 2011. Most insiders believe that is exactly what will happen.

Bur regardless of what happens, Argentine-born Miguel Diaz still believes Julio Cesar Chavez Jr would have the upper-hand should he face Argentina's 'Maravilla,' Sergio Martinez.

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