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Arum Not Impressed with Sergio Martinez, Wants Chavez Jr vs Cotto

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Photo Courtesy of Chris Furina, Top Rank Photo Courtesy of Chris Furina, Top Rank

Bob Arum: "I don't think Martinez is all that good."

In a recent interview with MySanAntonio Bob Arum divulged quite a bit. For starters, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, if he defeats Marco Antonio Rubio Saturday, will likely face WBA Jr Middleweight Champion Miguel Cotto on a Top Rank pay-per-view.  As a result, the young Chavez will have to relinguish his title as it'll mark the third time he's sidestepped WBC Champion Emeritus Sergio Martinez.  

Martinez 's "emeritus" status is not a title. A fighter is granted emeritus status after he, in good standing, vacated his title as champion and has been given the right to an immediate title shot by the sanctioning body should he decide to regain his vacated title.

In addition to taking a lof heat for alledgedly circumventing the Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. megafight, the 80 year old Arum is being hammered for his handling of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.  

Most fans, however, aren't so concerned with Chavez's bloated record (45-0-1, 31 KO) over "modest" opposition. After all, a handful of great fighters started their career in similar fashion. But once the 25 year old won the WBC title, public animosity towards Julio Cesar Chavez Jr reached a fever pitch. A champion defends his title against the best and, given Arum and Chavez's repeated running from Martinez, the tandem apparently isn't very popular these days... At least outside of Mexico and southern Texas.

What has shocked fans even more than Arum's announcement of a potential Cotto vs Chavez bout is his explanation of why they are ducking Martinez. Arum told MySanAntonio:

"We're not going to be irresponsible about this," he said, "just because some guys in the press wouldn't mind seeing Julio get (beat). But we're not in the business of seeing Julio get beat. He'll fight Martinez when he's ready to fight Martinez."

Is Arum admitting his fighter would get whopped by Sergio Martinez?

Many fans think so.

Arum added, "Besides, I don't think Martinez is all that good."

After his comments were published, fans were left scratching their heads. So what does he think of Chavez's skills and abilities? Many fans believe Arum is saying that Chavez Jr would get whopped by a guy who's not that good.

For the time being, Martinez vs Chavez has been put on hold.  

Chavez will defend his WBC Middleweight Title against the tough and rugged Marco Antonio Rubio Saturday night in San Antonio TX. The bout will be televised by HBO in the United States.

"This is a big fight all over Mexico," Arum said.

Quotes Source: MySanAntonio

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