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Paulie Malignaggi: "Campillo got Maligniaggi'd in Texas!"

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On Saturday, February 18th, the reigning IBF Light Heavyweight title holder Tavoris Cloud defended his belt against the former 175 pound WBO Champion Gabriel Campillo of Spain on a "Showtime" televised broadcast from Corpus Christi, TX.

In a seemingly one-sided contest which favored the slick title challenger, two of the judges at ringside rewarded the defending champion with an implausible split decision victory.

Although most observers were shocked at the ostensibly "unjust" outcome, one fighter who watched the broadcast with a scrutinizing eye was not so surprised.

"Twitter King" Paulie Malignaggi (30-4, 6 KOs) expected as much from the Texas panel of judges. The always vocal "Magic Man" from Brooklyn, NYC, shared his thoughts on Twitter shortly after the fight result.

"Texas strikes again!! Are promoters and fighters ever going to realize that they shouldn't allow boxing in this f***ing state?"

"Campillo just got Malignaggi'd in Texas! Learn from my mistake; don't fight in Texas! Stop the 'Linsane' judging in Texas!"

In August of 2009, Paulie Malignaggi received a very controversial "unanimous" decision loss when he faced former two-time Lightweight Champion Juan Diaz at the Toyota Center in Houston Texas; which was coincidently Juan's home town.

Less than four months later, "The Magic Man" exacted his revenge at the more neutral location of Chicago, Illinois, and earned a comfortable 8 rounds to 4 unanimous decision victory.

After his two bouts with the "Baby Bull" and upon receiving a very dubious "110-118" scorecard from Texas ringside judge Gale Von Hoy, Malignaggi truly believes that the Texas State Athletic Commission, more specifically Executive Director of the TSAC Dickie Cole, is not choosing the most qualified personnel for the very important and career altering ringside job.

"I will never ever go back to Texas if this s**t keeps happening. We need to 'eLINminate' Dickie Cole from his place as head of the State Athletic Commission of Texas!! I love the boxing fans in Texas, but get rid of Dickie Cole!! He has to go!! Who's with me?"

The former IBF Jr. Welterweight Champion feels that unjust decisions cause more damage than anything else to the reputation of the sport of boxing, and truly believes that "The Sweet Science" will never transcend to a larger audience until more competent judges are assigned by the Commission.

"This is exactly why no one supports boxing anymore!! You blame me (for the loss to Juan Diaz) because I have pillow-fists but allow s**t like this to happen? I remember when I enjoyed this sport, but s**t like this makes me want to walk away!!"

"Texas and boxing don't mix!! I'm starting to question if the Dallas Mavericks really won the NBA Championship last year! I think Van Hoy had his hands in that too!!

Paulie feels that his "Lone Star State" detractors don't even deserve to be subjected to such an inconsistent and subjective product.

"My Texas fans and haters don't deserve to be watching anything like this. You guys are passionate fans who watch robberies take place. I love all of my Texas fans, but this needs to stop!"

Malignaggi leaves every young fighter with an official decree of warning:

"All up and coming fighters please listen!! I set the precedent why you shouldn't fight in Texas. If anyone fights in Texas after hearing this official warning and gets robbed, it's your fault now!!"

The very devout New York Nicks fan and world renowned "Twitter King" leaves his disciples with a brief but profound parting shot.

"Boxing in Texas is "LINsane"!! Lol...I made a funny...hahaha!!


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