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Floyd Mayweather: "Riddle Me This, Riddle YOU That"

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Floyd Mayweather, left, and HBO Commentator Larry Merchant Floyd Mayweather, left, and HBO Commentator Larry Merchant

The term paradox cannot be tied directly to an individual... Especially Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Usually, such situations only serve to be metaphorical head-scratchers as we try to unravel the mysteries wrapped within other people, should we even choose to do so. In today's information first, instant automation and gratification age, many of us seemingly place too much worry and concern upon the behavior and actions of those we may never even meet.

Floyd Mayweather - Must See TV?
Reality TV stars are famous for just about zilch and a few seem to suffer from outside forces or even voices. Opinions are formed and judgments are passed to no end. Yet, it is this type of entertainment which dominates the visual airwaves across the country. Contrast that thought with the idea of someone who is actually famous for a noteworthy accomplishment.

Imagine if you could ever live within the same type of exit-less arena in which Floyd Mayweather currently resides. For the past five years, he has thrived thanks to reality television. HBO's elongated infomercial "24/7" has thoroughly served its purpose quite well. There is no longer a need for a marathon cross country promotional tour due to the simple fact that we can get just about all the information we could possibly desire right away on our televisions, computers and mobile devices.

Pictured: Floyd Mayweather talks to the media


Remembering De La Hoya vs Mayweather
On May 5, Floyd Mayweather will face Miguel Cotto at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for a few belts in the light middleweight division.

It will also mark the fifth anniversary of Floyd's split decision win over Oscar De La Hoya, which was of course and still is the highest grossing single boxing event in the history of the sport. The buildup had everything a fight fan could possibly want wrapped up nice and neat within its appeal.

"De La Hoya vs Mayweather - The World Awaits" was how the marvel at the twelve round contest for the WBC Light Middleweight title was presented to the public. An eleven city, nine day press promotional tour took preceded the event. Floyd Mayweather acted in the eyes of many like a rotten and contemptuous windbag. The speedbag went from a mere sway to a loud whack and through the roof went the hyperbole of hot dogging.

Pictured: Promotional image for Oscar De La Hoya vs Floyd Mayweather which took place May 5, 2007.
Mayweather won a split decision.


Of course, the bout itself ended up having to worry only about finishing a close second in a neck and neck race with watching several coats of paint peel from the wall. Regardless, Floyd Mayweather got the job done and began to paint himself with much broader strokes. What has been truly amazing is how he has consistently been able to paint himself into a corner, yet still manage to make a mad dash away just quickly enough through the wet paint and avoid leaving a trail into the setting sun.

Floyd Announces Retirement Plans
Mayweather recently revealed that he has set his retirement counter to sound once he reaches the age of 37. That's less than two years left for Floyd Joy to bring more of just that. Just as he has correctly professed, he "created" the show that doesn't seem to have the same appeal when his name is not connected to it. The skinny's in the digits. Floyd Mayweather sells and we buy. Arenas, bars, homes and now movie theaters. If you don't like what he has to say, then perhaps consider watching the entire fight on mute. What will become rapidly evident is the brilliant style (even if it's viewed as lack thereof) and defensive wizardry of the fighter whom until just recently was known as the "Pretty Boy".

Floyd's legacy is secure, although his place among the greatest ever will likely be a hot debate for many years. In this fashion, he is not Jordan, Maradona or Gretzky. He has created the perfect fusion of the rapid movement of the mouth and the lightning like deconstruction of the face and body of his opponents.

Floyd Mayweather, right, launches an overhand right over the guard of Oscar De La Hoya.
Courtesy of HBO Sports 


Floyd Mayweather has an unbelievable work ethic.....and let's not forget hard work and dedication. He may be one of the few champion or otherwise professional fighters who can party without partaking. Perhaps that is why a return to the ring after a nearly two year hiatus from 2007 to 2009 was ultimately made to look easy. Granted, his choice of opponents and the decision to blatantly ignore a required catchweight miffed a few people. He's been able to formulate answer for just about everything, whether it happens to be in or out of the ring.

Such was the case this past Saturday night.

Mayweather vs Cotto 24/7
Following the second installment of "Mayweather/Cotto 24/7" (even though Cotto is the titleholder, his name is secondary in the program's billing), a short snippet followed where viewers had a chance to find out perhaps just what makes Floyd, Jr. tick. Surprisingly enough, we heard many of the same replies, reasons and reasoning for which we have become so readily accustomed. The viewership numbers for this program may not have been shown yet, but it was likely to be a hit for HBO.


In the same way that many would like to see him get pummeled in the ring, there are some who understand that we may never see the likes of him again. Likewise and against the wishes of more than one detractor, Mayweather is not likely to die penniless. He has kept many of the same people as part of his inner circle for a number of years.

Appreciating a Legend
So, as we are sure that Mayweather has Miss Jackson to his right and Mr. Jackson to his left.......we'll miss Floyd Mayweather (for better or worse) when he has left.

There are a few young fighters in the crowd who may collectively try to fill the void, but they are not likely to shine with the same luster.

When Mayweather's fighting days are truly done, he will move into the same mythical category as Robinson, Ali, Louis, Marciano, Duran, Hagler, Leonard, Hearns and others. 

It's difficult to imagine that now. Soon however, it may be easier than we'd ever choose to admit. May 5th is approaching fast. Contrary to popular social belief, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day.

Try not to criticize a fighter just because Floyd Mayweather chooses to do something in a different way than you. He is a chatterbox outside the ring, but he's been a tactical master inside of it. This is what professionals do.

They make it look easy.

Video: Mayweather vs Cotto 24/7 - Episode 2, Part I (April 2012)