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Floyd Mayweather: "No shoulder roll"

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Pictured: Floyd Mayweather Pictured: Floyd Mayweather Courtesy of Hogan Photos

Floyd Mayweather's place is beyond secure for Canastota and the annals of boxing history.

He has long since established himself as not only one of the best defensive fighters of our era, but also a box office draw as well. The majority of his contests do well in terms of ticket sales in addition to Pay Per View numbers. Floyd Mayweather has captured multiple titles across as many weight divisions.

Although the impulsive "big fights only" crowd may find his output within the ring as less than captivating, there can be no doubt that he is doing the right thing in terms of satisfying the purpose of the Sweet Science. Hit when there is an opening and don't take too many shots yourself in the process.

Absolute defensive wizardry.

If only the understanding of why he continues to get the public attention ceased with the aforementioned attributes alone.

Pictured: Floyd Mayweather at the Mayweather vs Cotto announcement presser earlier this year
Courtesy of Hogan Photos 


Brash, talkative and audacious.

There's not enough pages in the average pocketbook to pin the tail on the donkey when it comes to the Las Vegas- by-way-of-Grand Rapids, Michigan legend. Love him or hate him. Be sure of one thing. Floyd Mayweather is not fighting for you. The majority of the sporting media and fans as well spend way too much of their lives attempting to mentally dissect an individual whom they have never even met.

Regardless of whether or not Floyd's net worth is near what he projects or he's in deep with the Feds, truthfully who cares? He was able to get ahead in boxing because of his pugilistic mastery was well as his mouth.

Floyd Mayweather reported to a Las Vegas jail at the beginning of this month. Surprisingly enough, despite all the long-winded spats about how he would handle his three month visit to the house of correction as "just another challenge", Floyd once again tried his darndest to avoid another tough stint in his life.

Hardly a week had passed.

Perhaps he forgot that he was originally facing over thirty years in prison for attacking an ex of his while a few of their children watched in total fright. Perhaps he also forgot that a complete sucker of a judge allowed his sentence to be delayed a few months so that he could fight Miguel Cotto on May 5 and pump some more millions into the Vegas economy.

Pictured: Floyd Mayweather, left, lands a left to the head of Victor Ortiz in 2011.
Courtesy of Hogan Photos  



Earlier this week, a few of his hired cronies (professional ones) had the all out gall to petition for an early bird release for "Money" so that he could finish out his sentence at home under house arrest.

Floyd's personal physician, Dr. Robert Voy has without a doubt over the years done many physical exams on men, so he is likely quite familiar with the "turn your head and cough" test. Dr. Voy was one of the personages who may have assumed that his claims of Floyd's lack of nutritional needs within a confined setting could not be met and therefore his future within the ring could be compromised. Perhaps Dr. Voy expected the results of a cough test to empower him to the point of convincing the presiding Justice of the Peace, Melissa Saragosa to see his views that Mayweather was unable to script an effective jail memoir in just ninety days or less.

Ms. Saragosa not only needs to be lauded for her decision to ignore the slaphappy requests of Legal Team Mayweather, but for her choice to inform Floyd that he needs to sleep in the bed (or cot) that he made for himself.

Floyd Mayweather couldn't slip this punch. Not completely, to be sure.

Pictured: Floyd Mayweather mug shot.

Most would feel disgusted at the idea that someone could walk free after serving an unmitigated jail sentence after he or she had been mandated to do so for domestic abuse, or any other criminal offense for that matter. None of Floyd's affirmations of toughness and streetwise durability seem like anything less than mush now.

Other fighters such as Bernard Hopkins and James Kirkland have done time for foolish or repeat mindless choices. They seemed to be able to land on their feet afterwards. What makes Floyd so special?

Nothing does, yet he evidently thought something did. Granted a Mayweather bout serves the glittering speck of land in Clark County well, yet we still cannot acquit even if the gloves do in fact fit.

If Floyd Mayweather, the pound for pound best in the world and the self-proclaimed best ever, cannot stick it out for the summer and if his career will truly cease due to his incarceration, then he can go mad trying to cease and desist the idea that he has done this to himself.

This is what happens to those who think they are forbidden folly to the mallet of justice.