Julio Cesar Chávez Jr vs Andy Lee... More boxing controversy?

Written by Sam Gregory at Jun 16, 2012 - 01:46PM ET in News
At yesterday's weigh-in for tonight's WBC middleweight championship fight between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and contender Andy Lee, a request from Lee's representatives to weigh the gloves for tonight's fight was denied by Texas Commission Sports Inspector Robert Tapia.

According to Lee's manager, Perry Mandera, "They brought their own gloves and we brought ours, so we thought in the interest of full disclosure and a level playing field, we would weigh both pair."

Mandera said they put the gloves Andy Lee is to wear during tonight's fight on the scale in front of everyone but when they asked Team Chavez to do the same, they were refused.

When Mandera requested Inspector Tapia force Team Chavez to weigh the gloves, Tapia's response was, "I'm the boss here. I say whether or not we inspect the gloves and we're not going to."

According to the same source, Mandera then asked Chavez's trainer Freddie Roach to weigh the gloves 'In the spirit of fairness,' but Roach refused as well stating, "We don't have to so we're not going to."

Apparently, HBO 's Harold Lederman sent an email to the director of the IBRO who in turn shared it with its members. The message purportedly stated, "I was there and apparently there was no scale available at that time the media was there. There was no scale, so they couldn't weigh the gloves." Lederman continued, "The gloves all came out of sealed packages and they looked ok to me."

According to the Association of Boxing Commissions there's nothing that stipulates fighters' gloves have to be weighed prior to or after a bout upon request.  

The Association of Boxing Commissions only requires:

The promoter shall provide one set each of eight-ounce and ten-ounce gloves to the supervising Commission prior to the start of the first contest for use in case gloves are damaged during a contest. Promoters shall supply gloves that are whole, clean, sanitary, and in good condition. The gloves may not be twisted, manipulated or altered in any manner. The promoter shall provide new gloves for all main event and title bouts.

When two boxers in a contest are above and below the weights described in the subsection entitled "Guidelines for Boxing Weight Classes, Weight Difference and Glove Weight," both boxers shall wear the gloves required for the higher weight.  (Source: Association of Boxing Commissions)

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Andy Lee will likely fight using what are supposed to be 10oz gloves. Hypothetically, a fighter using 9.5oz gloves would have a small advantage due to less padding in the glove and its lighter weight. Although 0.5oz may not seem like a considerable difference to the casual fan, it can be a factor in a long, battle of attrition marked by a high punch volume.


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