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Steroids Bust | Antonio Tarver Tests Positive for Drostanolone

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According to sources, test results from Tarver vs Kayode on June 2nd indicate IBO cruiserweight champion Antonio Tarver (29-6-1, 20 KO) had a banned substance in his system during the bout.

Steven Feder, Lateef Kayode's manager, discussed the matter with California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) chief inspector Che Guevara this morning, adding that a member of the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) confirmed the drug was drostanolone (or Masteron).

"I'm aware of the situation, and I'm going to meet with Lateef this afternoon, and once I do we'll come out with an official comment," Feder told BoxingScene. "We're just very surprised that someone of his stature would even take a risk and even do this..."

Showtime, the network that aired the bout and employs Tarver as an analyst, has declined to comment.

According to RingTV, Antonio Tarver's draw with Kayode will be ruled a 'No Contest' and the 43 year old IBO Cruiserweight Champion has been fined 2,500. In addition, Tarver, who earned a handsome $1.1 Million USD for the bout, will be suspended.

Pictured: Antonio Tarver at the Tarver vs Kayode weigh-in June 1, 2012.
Is this the body of an anabolic steroid user?


The length of Tarver's suspension, any additional fines or penalties levied and the International Boxing Organization's (IBO) course of action following the postive test result are not yet known by FightSaga.

What is Drostanolone?
Drostanolone propionate, known as Masteron on the street, is an effective, very expensive anabolic steroid typically used by elite bodybuilders 3-4 weeks prior to a competition.

Many in the bodybuilding community assert using Masteron can be the deciding factor between a lean, tone physique and ripped, shredded muscle.

Will Antonio Tarver attempt to convince CSAC he used it strictly for cosmetic purposes?

Probably not.

Although its reputation is primarily derived from the strong cosmetic benefits it produces, drostanolone is also known to provide users with an added "boost," enabling them to push harder amid grueling training sessions. In addition, for athletes who are not bodybuilders, drostanolone can be effective in helping one retain strength while losing mass.

Drostanolone, which was created to fight certain forms of breast cancer, can also be used as an ancillary drug to combat estrogenic side effects caused by other or mass-building steroids such as water-retention.

Earlier this year, mixed martial artist and former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal tested positive for drostanolone and was suspended nine months by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Before today, the biggest high-profile drostanolone bust occurred in 2009 when mixed martial artist Josh Barnett tested positive for the drug eleven days before he was scheduled to fight Fedor Emelianenko in the main event of the now defunct mixed martial arts association, Affliction. Not only was the event was cancelled as a result of the positive drug test, the association folded days later and 23 other fighters lost their paychecks.

Antonio Tarver is scheduled to call tomorrow's Ortiz vs Lopez bout. 

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