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Freddie Roach to Amir Khan: Manny Pacquiao is my main concern

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Amir Khan's fall from the top echelon of boxing has been overtly played out in the press and boxing forums.

Khan insists he can have any trainer he wants and that Roach must agree to bend in order to keep him.

Freddie Roach, the legendary trainer based in LA, has remained relatively quiet until now.

Amir Khan has been warned by Freddie Roach that he is still No 2 to Manny Pacquiao. The has quoted Roach saying "If Manny fights in December, he takes priority. I have not heard anything official from Amir. I heard they want to fight in December. No-one has told me if I'm in or out." (source: BoxingScene)

Khan has made it clear with his constant complaining that he is unhappy. He doesn't want to play second fiddle to welterweight superstar, Manny Pacquiao. He wants more of Roach's time.

What does Khan expect?

Why does he think he should be treated the same as the Wildcard's top boxer and revenue generator? Amir Khan has done nothing to suggest he is a elite fighter- Manny Pacquiao has. If Khan wants to be No. 1, he must earn it. And that kind of acclaim won't be handed to him unless he goes to a lesser-known coach, which I expect he will do.

Pictured: Amir Khan (Left) hits the mitts held by his trainer Freddie Roach.
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When Pacquiao first went to train with Roach, he was unknown and treated that way.

Amir Khan's behavior reminds me of an incessant child demanding more attention. He blames others for his poor performance, tells anyone who will listen that he is great, but never backs it up. He complains constantly and has now alienated himself.

He is not very popular in America and Britain turned its back on him long ago.

And why? It's because of the way he acts.

Amir Khan has the heart of a lion but let''s himself down. Whenever he loses, he should admit defeat and just say "I messed up. It wasn't my night. I will put it right".


But he blames losses on his trainer's lack of attention and a "man in a hat." It's all so comical.

Khan, in order to stroke his ever growing ego, will likely hire a lesser-known trainer. He will do this to be the No. 1 pupil and his abundance of talent will be wasted as a result.

I wouldn't be shocked if he changes trainers every few fights.


Video: Amir Khan points out mystery man interfered with the judges after his split decision loss to Lamont Peterson in Decemeber 2011 

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