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Lucas Matthysse Triumphs, What's Next?

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Until recently, Lucas Matthysse's career had been filled with adversity as it seemed he was plagued with bad luck whenever vying for a world title. But now, he can finally call himself a world champion... sort of.

On Saturday September 8, 2012, Lucas Matthysse (32-2 KO 30) became the interim WBC Super Lightweight champion of the world in a win against the previously unbeaten Ajose Olusegun (30-1 KO 14) in an action-packed slug fest.

This fight was a classic barn-burner that was purely entertaining from start to finish.

In the opening round, Ajose looked to start fast utilizing his quick hand speed and combinations to the head and body. But Matthysse quickly adjusted and smothered Ajose, ripping the Nigerian with combinations to the body and landing serious rights to the head that staggered Ajose.

Matthysse continued to land effectively for the next few rounds while Ajose grew sloppy. He telegraphed his punches and failed to keep his right hand up which made him vulnerable to Matthysse's devastating left hooks which he often landed.

Nevertheless, Ajose still exhibited resilience and a tremendous heart. Whenever Matthysse threw, Ajose answered right back with artillery of his own. The difference was Ajose's punches did not affect Matthysse while the Argentinian's shots often hurt Ajose.

In Round 6, Matthysse stalked Ajose like prey, trapping him against the ropes and unleashing an barrage of blows to the body and head.

In the seventh, a seemingly rejuvenated Ajose went of the offensive and stood toe-to-toe with the Argentine. The Nigerian's momentum carried on into the next stanza as he boxed well, effectively controlling the round .

But in round nine, the fight was back in Matthysse's control. He maintained steady pressure with an effective head and body attack.

In the tenth and final round, controversy erupted. Matthysse hit Ajose with a tremendous right hand which forced the Nigerian to clench. On the break, the Argentinian whacked Ajose with a hard left that had his foe terribly stunned. Although Ajose was given time to recover from the infraction, Matthysse was able to catch Ajose with a massive and that was all she wrote. Ajose hit the canvas and the ref called a halt to the action.

Paulie Malignaggi described Lucas Matthysse in tweet as a "Nightmare you want to wake up from but can't."  And Lucas Matthysse was certainly a nightmare for Ajose Olusegun - a nightmare that put the Nigerian to sleep.

What's Next?
Lucas Matthysse is now possibly in-line to fight the winner of the WBC Super Lightweight title rematch between Danny Garcia vs. Erik Morles. It's an opportunity Lucas has earned.

Heading into Saturday's bout, Ajose Olusegun was the WBC's No. 1 contender and Lucas Matthysse, now 32-2, 30 KO, was No. 2.

All 140 pounders beware.


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