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Martinez vs Chavez Jr | Predictions for SuperFight

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Martinez vs Chavez Jr is just a few hours away!

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, the WBC Middleweight Champion, will challenge his arch rival and the division's lineal, real and legitimate champion, Sergio Martinez.

So who do you like... The speedy technician or pressuring brute?

At 37, Sergio Martinez may very well be in his prime. He's quick and possesses tremendous ring savvy. But can he overcome Chavez's forward momentum by outboxing and outfoxing his 25 year old opponent?

Contrasting styles, a 12 year age difference, southpaw vs orthodox and genuine bad blood between them... Martinez vs Chavez Jr is a fight fan's dream and everyone is expecting an exciting bout with a lot of punches thrown.

No chess match here. Expect fireworks!

As of yesterday, at Bovada the odds stood at Chavez +170, Martinez -210. Also Sportsbet has Julio Cesar Chavez Jr at +180 and Sergio Martinez - 220.

This is how the's boxing writers and affiliates see Martinez vs Chavez Jr.

Sergio Michel, Celebrity Boxing/ FightSaga Affiliate: "Chavez Jr. fights like a man out to prove a point. He hits with fury and massive power as if every hit carries the weight of his identity behind it. It's a stark contrast to Sergio Martinez who is a super experienced, calm and collected knockout artist. Martinez is a one punch killer who can drop a fighter seemingly out of left field with no warning. It seems that Sergio Martinez's experience is the X factor in this fight. Yes, Chavez Jr. is younger and may bring hell to Martinez in that ring, but the fact remains Chavez Jr. leaves himself open way too much when he's advancing. If Martinez is patient and times his counters just right, I see him scoring a knockdown against Chavez Jr. in the early rounds and possibly a unanimous decision victory on the cards. We know Chavez Jr. has that 'Mexican Head' and won't go down no matter how much you pound him, but it is possible we can see even see a clean knockout from Martinez if Chavez Jr. is not careful." Prediction: Martinez by Unanimous Decision

Mark Weber, Boxing Writer, FightSaga: "Chavez Jr will likely start out strong with being the more active and aggressive fighter; However judging his last few performances, he leaves himself a little too open. Martinez will be timing everything waiting for that one opening and he is going to find it. Once he does, we will see how iron that chin of Chavez's really is." Prediction: Martinez via KO Round 7

Stephen Lynch, Boxing Writer, FightSaga
"I've been talking to friends and colleagues in the boxing world and a lot of them are writing Chavez off and I can understand why. Nevertheless, but I've also been around long enough to see an upset here or there and this is going to be no easy fight for Martinez. I will have to plead the 5th and I am not going to pick a winner. I'm taking a night off, drinking a beer and going to enjoy the fight as a boxing fan as opposed to a pundit/writer. I look forward to a great night of boxing! 25/1 for the draw is worth $10 because I cannot see a clear winner here." Prediction: Draw

Mark Harvey, Boxing Writer, FightSaga
"I wouldn't like to be opposite either fighter in that ring on Saturday. But I feel particularly bad for Chavez Jr. Not so much because he must face Martinez, but because he is attempting to climb this huge mountain in shoes that are far too big. Those shoes belong to his Father, Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. Chavez Sr is arguably the greatest Mexican boxer that ever lived. He accumulated an impressive record of 107 wins- 2 draws- only 6 loses and 89 knock outs. Chavez Jr is a champion in his own right but lives in another man's shadow, and he will never fill those boots. However it does show that he comes from good stock. This added pressure gives Chavez Jr an advantage that Martinez doesn't have. He will be anxiously mindful of his Father's eyes fixated on every punch, and he will want to make him proud. Most people are foreseeing a victory for Martinez, I think Chavez will win and gain the respect he deserves." Prediction: Chavez Jr to win via 9th round KO

Frank Zhong, Boxing Writer, FightSaga
Unless he has suddenly been caught by Father Time, Martinez should be able to use his feet and his rapid fire flurries to control this fight. Sergio Martinez will use his straight punches and right hook to swell Chavez's face by the middle rounds and stop him later on. Prediction: Martinez by KO in Round 10.

Sam Gregory, Boxing Writer, FightSaga:

Chavez's size will come into play but as long as Martinez can stay on the outside and keep Chavez at bay with his speed, superior footwork and southpaw style,Martinez will deliver another dominant performance. Prediction: Martinez

Dion Hall, Boxing Writer, FightSaga
The combination of his great conditioning, hand speed, foot work, craftiness, and overall movement will prove too much for Chavez Jr. Also by getting insight to each respective fighters training camp courtesy of HBO 24/7, it looks like Martinez is working harder and utilizing state of the art techniques and technology to improve his training and performance. Technology such as using a hyperbolic chamber to increase oxygen intake to perform better in the late rounds. I don't however see Martinez knocking Chavez Jr out. Chavez Jr has a great chin and he is the bigger man so he should be able to absorb the power shots of Martinez. Prediction: Martinez by decision.

Bernard Campbell, Boxing Writer, FightSaga Adviser
Theres fear and caution as to why Chavez dropped body mass. That's to keep up with Martinez! I would take experience over youth any day! Especially when experience can be backed up in conditioning, ring wisdom, and knowledge of one's own limitations. I dont consider any of the two principals outstanding power punchers, but i can tell by the posturing Chavez is way over his head. Prediction: Martinez in 6!

Lee Cleveland, FightSaga Editor n' Chief
A year or two ago, few people would have given Chavez a chance, including myself. Most of us believed Julio Cesar Chavez Jr was not even on Martinez's level. But today, its virtually a pick 'em fight because Chavez has looked so good and answered many question in his last three bouts. This fight will be decided by distance. Martinez wins if the fight happens on the outside while Chavez will win if he can make it an inside fight. I see Martinez getting off to a great start but think Chavez's pressure will rise to the fore in the championship rounds. Julio is a masterful puncher on the inside and can cut off the ring very well. He is effective at unleashing short, punishing shots underneath an opponent's defense and works his way inside by anticipating his opponent's movement. Look for the aggressive Chavez to land hard jabs and/or left hooks from mid-range, work his way inside and eventually stop Martinez. Prediction: Chavez, behind on points, KOs Martinez in Round 11

Lee Cleveland

Lee is Managing Editor of, a student of the Sweet Science and longtime boxing fan.