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Ricky Hatton Says "Ricky Fatton" is No More

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Known for his astounding weight gains between fights, British fight legend Ricky Hatton (45-2, 32 KO), 33, announced last week that he is set to make an awe-inspiring return to the ring.

But the come-backing slugger some coined "Ricky Fatton" years ago intends to diet and stay trim and fit between bouts, admitting he did himself no favors by blowing up after fights.

Fight aficionado and boxing watchdog Bernie Campbell told FightSaga last month:

"He (Ricky Hatton) was the poster boy on how to abuse your body in 5 easy ways! Blowing up to 180 lbs between fights. He's a freaking pig! Wait till he gets my age and walks around like that! That's a recipe for a coronary! A real fine example!"

But Ricky Hatton, who will turn 34 in three weeks, has every intention of shedding his lackluster image and is apparently already at or near fighting weight a full nine weeks prior to his November 24th bout. More importantly, he looks to remain lean and mean in the weeks proceeding his next fight.

And while its not uncommon for fighters to gain weight between fights, Ricky Hatton, like fight legend Roberto Duran before him, certainly took it to a whole new level. 

"I used to shed 3 stone/42 lbs/19 kg (for a fight) when I was 25 years of age, but if I'm going to make a comeback I can't shed that when I'm 34 years of age," Hatton told The Daily Express.

"I am going to change my spots, even though you can't completely change me.

Also dubbed "The Hitman," Ricky Hatton's rugged, mauling crowd-pleasing style in the ring and jovial nature outside it made the little "Hitman" one of the most adored fighters in British boxing history.

Ricky Hatton was and still remains a man of the people.

Today, the come-backing, in-your-face brute is a recovering addict who, in a very short time, has established himself as a respected trainer and promoter and admits its important for him to set a good example for the young fighters he promotes.

"Things have got to change. I can't turn around to my fighters and say, 'Listen, keep coming to the gym and don't balloon in weight' if I'm going to go out and do it."

Can Hatton shed his lackluster 'Ricky Fatton' image and will the new, more disciplined Ricky Hatton become a force to be reckoned with in boxing once again? 

The former two-world champion will announce his "surprise" November 24th opponent later this week.

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