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Sergio Martinez, à la Floyd Mayweather, Demands Olympic Style Drug Testing for Chavez Rematch

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Taking a page out of Floyd Mayweather's playbook, Sergio Martinez insists Olympic style drug testing will be a prerequisite for Martinez vs Chavez II.

For the last several years, Fight great Floyd Mayweather has required opponents to agree to Olympic-style drug-testing prior to confirming bouts with him.

Mayweather, who subjects himself to the same level of testing, asserts he doesn't want to fight an opponent with an unfair advantage.

Many claim, including experts such as BALCO founder and owner Victor Conti, commission testing is antiquated and the presence of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) in the human body can easily be masked.

So will Sergio Martinez face Julio Cesar Chavez again in gigantic Cowboys Staudium in Dallas, TX?

Yes... so long as his foe agrees to Olympic Style drug testing.

Pictured: Sergio Martinez takes a page from Floyd Mayweather, demands Olympic style drug testing



"If he wants to box there, there must be a condition to undergo Olympic testing for one month, one week and one day before the fight," Martinez told Jhonny Gonzalez of

It's no surprise Sergio Martinez has made such a demand. Last week it was announced that Chavez Jr. had failed a post-fight drug test, testing positive for marijuana.

It was the second time Chavez, only 26, failed a drug test. In 2009, after his bout with Troy Rowland, Chavez tested positive for furosemide, a banned diuretic. He was subsequently suspended for seven months and fined $10,000 by the Nevada Boxing Commission.

Also, for Chavez's two previous bouts prior to his fight with Sergio Martinez, there was controversy surrounding Julio's urine tests. Rumors swirled that Chavez refused to take the tests while others allege he's usually accompanied by one or two friends when urinating in a cup behind closed doors.

Given the pre-fight rumors, the fact he's already failed two drug tests coupled with his ability to somehow fight effectively despite gaining 20 lbs overnight, who wouldn't demand Olympic style testing of Chavez?

Until now, Chavez Jr was the main attraction in all of his fights and his could call the shots. If an opponent asked Chavez Jr to partake in Olympic style testing, Team Chavez's attitude would have probably been something like, "No, and there's nothing you can do about. If you don't like the circumstances, we'll fight someone else"

But following Sergio Martinez's surgical, one-sided romp of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr on September 15 and the Argentinean's new-found acclaim that came with it, Team Chavez can't call all the shots anymore.... At least when fighting Martinez.

When the fighters waged war several weeks ago, Martinez seemingly won at least 10 of the first 11 rounds before being floored and nearly knocked out in the 12th Round, surely one the most exciting final rounds in recent memory.

Given the level of interest in the bout, the 475,000 PPV buys and - most of all - the dramatic ending, many are calling for a rematch.

Will Julio Cesar Chavez Jr agree to Sergio Martinez's drug testing demands?

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