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Kimbo Slice Earns 57 Second KO... Roy Jones Next?

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Kimbo Slice (6-0, 5 KO) notched another impressive knockout win over yet another equally unimpressive opponent yesterday in Buffalo Run Casino, Miami, Oklahoma, United States.

So who was his opponent?

It was supposed to be Howard Jones, 5-4, 5 KOs but some in the media list him as "Canny McCann."

Whoever Kimbo fought appeared to be the same breed of fighter he's been fighting... Pathetic.

Last night's chubby-wubby unleashed a few pitiful jabs before being floored by a Kimbo Slice left hook to the body about seven seconds into the bout.

Up at nine, Slice's opponent attempted a few feeble shots before being blasted by a hard Kimbo uppercut that sent the opponent down again. And this time, he didn't beat the count.

According to FightSaga punchstats, Kimbo threw only 5 punches, landing 3. He was 2 for 3 on powershots, recording knockdowns on both power punches he landed.

Last night's bout was seemingly a tune-up for the 38 year old former street fighter and mixed martial artist for a possible bout with Roy Jones (56-8, 40 KO) in December or January in Jamaica or the US.

Jones, who turns 44 in January, started his career as a middleweight and is much smaller than Slice. The boxing legend's prime years were during the 90s and arguably as a super middleweight (168 lbs). To date, he's lost 4 of his last 8 bouts.

Kimbo Slice... He's exciting and naturally powerful if nothing else.


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