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Friday, 12 October 2012 17:27

Boxing | Female Fighter in Serious Condition After Sparring with Man

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According to MumbaiMirror.com, a 20-year-old female boxer suffered a brain haemorrhage and was fighting for her life following a sparring session with a male fighter earlier this month.

No stranger to boxing, Manisha Chauhan, a previous combatant in a host of national-level tournaments, collapsed after absorbing a blow to the head from her 22 year old male sparring mate.

According to reports, the young lady was not wearing protective gear.

She was immediately rushed to the hospital in Dahisar and underwent brain surgery at the Nair hospital on October 3.

Although her trainer, Jaswant Singh, was not present, Singh's wife was purportedly managing the training session at the time of the incident.

But Jaswant Singh was loathe to accept blame and insisted his wife was not 'calling the shots' in the gym that day.

He added, "Manisha is a good boxer, and she had no option but to spar with her male compatriots because we don't have any other female boxers."

"I don't have the details of what went wrong that day, or how she was allowed to step into the ring without headgear. I will speak to the other trainees."

Sadly, Chauhan's father is having difficulty paying for his daughter's medical bills so the students of Thakur College have launched a fundraiser for their fallen female pugilist. Contribution boxes have been positioned all over campus and students have pleaded for donations on social networking websites.

The young lady's father said, "My daughter was inspired by Mary Kom, and often spoke of winning an Olympic medal. It is only because of the negligence of her trainers that she is suffering today."

Women boxers sparring with men is not uncommon however they should always use headgear. In addition, their male sparring mates shouldn't fight them as they would a man.

This incident forces the question: How much does headgear really protect a fighter from serious injury?

Would wearing headgear have protected Chauhan?

And why was she sparring without headgear in the first place?

An investigation has been launched.

Lee Cleveland

Lee is Managing Editor of FightSaga.com, a student of the Sweet Science and longtime boxing fan.