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PINOY PRIDE XVII; Foreign boxers band together in training to defeat Team Philippines

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Manila Philippines- On a sunny afternoon at Shakey's Pizza, the PSA had the press conference for the 4 of the 5 foreign boxers who will compete in the prestigious world renowned Pinoy Pride boxing series.

Leading the the pack was the headlner of the co main event of the evening, Daniel "Canerito" Ruiz (27-5-2-19KO) of Los Mochis Mexico who will go against the tough fighter Rey "Boom Boom" Bautista for the vacant WBO International Featherweight Championship.

Ruiz was quoted as saying," There will be a "KNOCKOUT" and I will not wait for a decision. I trained hard for this fight with my trainers and we are very prepared", Ruiz stated.

In a private conversation with Ruiz's trainer, Luis Gonzalez, it was learned that Ruiz, in sparring, dropped World Champion Humberto "Zorrita" Sotto and Heriberto "Cuate" Ruiz.

Bautista has had two fights with Cuate Ruiz, losing the first fight by unanimous decision. He won the most recent fight by decision after the fight was stopped due to cuts.

With his early morning jogging on Roxas Blvd, Ruiz is ready to go toe to toe with Bautista.

Pictured: Daniel "Canerito" Ruiz in foreground


A surprising story came out that Ruiz is a movie star in Mexico. He was on the big hit reality show Campeon (Champion) Azteca  which is similar to the U.S. hit reality show, The Contender.

The third championship fight of the night will feature Miguel "Hands of Stone" Antoine of Barbados against the current WBO International Light Welterweight Champion Jason "El Nino" Pagara.

Sam Layne the chief trainer of Antoine said, "We have waited for this opportunity and we will not let this pass us by." Layne added, after beating Pagara, their sights are set on Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. Miguel Antoine was quoted as saying he went to school with the world famous singer Rhianna and that the whole beautiful island of Barbados will support him.

Pictured: Team Mexico, Barbados and Uganda in Elorde gym training


The UBO World Bantamweight Champion Mudde Ntambe of Uganda will go against Michael "Bruce" Lee Domingo in a bantamweight fight. Domingo is a veteran fighter that many top fighters stay away from since he can be really dangerous and high risk with little return. He just needs to be patient and he will get his chance for a world title...

Pictured: The trainers of Team Mexico, Barbados, Uganda and this writer teamed up to challenge the local street ballers in a quick basketball game, with the boxers on the sideline resting after their morning jog. The local community is really friendly toward the foreign boxing teams.


The fighters get up early and do their jogging together and also train in the beautiful Elorde Gym and have made a pledge to each other to be supportive of one another in the upcoming fight.