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Morales vs Garcia II: Angel Garcia is a Wild Man at Final Presser

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The colorful, outspoken and very controversial Angel Garcia, father of lineal jr welterweight champion Danny Garcia, once again raised eyebrows. (Video is below)

Angel Garcia, perhaps the sport's newest ultimate trash-talker, had some heated words for Erik Morales and his father.

Like the quiet before the storm, Garcia stepped to the podium and started off in low-key fashion by thanking God. But after that, he went on a tear.

He insisted Erik Morales was wrong to say the first bout, which was won by Danny Garcia in March, was close before poking jibes at Morales' father, Jose, who trains the Mexican fight legend.

"As his father, you're not taking good care of your son," Angel said. "I'll be honest to God with you."

And then, seemingly enraged, the elder Garcia lit up the room with F-bombs while some in the audience jeered in response. But Angel Garcia, now on a roll, kept ranting, even transitioning between English and Spanish along the way.

Afterwards, Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya joked about promoting Angel's next bout before introducing Garcia's son, Danny, to the podium. No stranger to his father's wild demeanor, the jr welterweight champion stated, "I'm keeping the belts on the East Coast and I'll see you all Saturday," he said.

The 36-year-old Morales, before the rant, insisted he wasn't fighting for money. "I can guarantee you that I'm going to impress you all," he said.

One can only surmise what Angel Garcia has to say about Erik Morales' alleged positive drug test result.

Earlier this year, Angel Garcia captivated audiences by unleashing several passionate but insulting comments prior to Khan vs Garcia.

"Pakistanis don't know how to fight," stated the trainer.

"Those people have no heart. Khan doesn't have any heart when he fights. He can't punch. He went life or death with another guy who can't punch in Lamont Peterson. If Peterson could punch he would have knocked out Amir Khan, because we all know he doesn't have a chin or a heart."

"No one likes him and many people around him are secretly hoping that he gets knocked out," claims Angel Garcia. "Danny is going to send him back to Pakistan on a flying carpet with a genie in a bottle."


Angel Garcia's Pre Garcia vs Morales II Rant
** Warning explicit language ** 

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