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Friday, 19 October 2012 14:38

Clenbuterol | Erik Morales Tests Positive for Powerful Fat Burner

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Yesterday, it was reported "irregularities" were found in Erik Morales' blood and urine by the U.S. Anti Doping Agency (USADA).

Today, we've learned Morales tested positive for Clenbuterol, a powerful drug that promotes lean muscle.

However, the fighter has stated only one of three drug tests came up positive and the contaminated result contained only a "small trace" of the drug. So although Morales' A sample contained a small amount of Clenbuterol, he expects his B sample to be clean.

Erik Morales blames contaminated meat, which he insists he consumed in Mexico, for the positive result.

In the United States and much of Europe, its illegal to give clenbuterol to animals that will be used for human consumption. However, no such illegality exists in Mexico.

When Morales last fought in March, he failed to make weight and appeared a bit flabby around the midsection. Is it just a coincidence traces of Clenbuterol, a powerful fat burner, were found in Morales' drug test?

What is Clenbuterol?

Similar to but more effective than ephedrine, Clenbuterol (or Clen) is also a powerful fat-burner and effective appetite suppressant. And although its known most for its weight loss properties, Clenbuterol was created to treat respiratory ailments so it can also greatly enhance cardiovascular efficiency in athletes.

Clenbuterol has been shown to to have anabolic (or body-building) properties too but they are secondary to its weight loss/fat burner attributes.

Although the drug is not approved for human use in the U.S., its a near carbon copy of albuterol, which is commonly prescribed to treat asthma. In the U.S., Clenbuterol is only FDA-approved when prescribed by a veterinarian for use in horses.

Its side effects, in humans, include nervousness, insomnia, muscle cramps and even cardiac hypertrophy.

Three-time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador was busted for Clenbuterol and claimed his positive test was the result of his eating meat from an animal treated with Clenbuterol.

If there's any consolation for Erik Morales' fans, it "appears" he was just trying to lose weight and tone up a bit if, in fact, he purposely used the drug. Nevertheless, Clenbuterol is a banned substance and can enhance cardio.

So far, Morales vs Garcia II is still on for tomorrow.

Lee Cleveland

Lee is Managing Editor of FightSaga.com, a student of the Sweet Science and longtime boxing fan.