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Amir Khan | Allegations about relationship improprieties?

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Former WBO and WBA light welterweight champion Amir Khan has been rapidly losing fans over the past year.

Excessive pride, over-confidence and ego have seemingly alienated Khan from many who supported him just over a year ago.

Self-belief is a admirable trait in boxing, but when it borders on delusional arrogance - especially from a fighter who has lost his last two bouts and makes excuses afterwards - it's not good.

As Amir Khan and his new trainer attempt to rebuild his career, the Mirror UK recently dropped an alleged bombshell.

Natalie Fox, a former flame of Khan's, acknowledged they had a sexual affair that ended in January, just two weeks shy of the fighter's official engagement to Faryal Makhdoom.

Fox told Mirror.co.uk they had shared a night together in a hotel near his home in Bolton.

But Amir insists he was with Natalie (perhaps intimately) awhile back, long before meeting Faryal and, at this moment, Faryal believes him.


However, whilst Khan trains in America, his fiancee has said she will fly to England to see what evidence Natalie has.   In response, Miss Fox stated," I'm happy to meet her. As the Bride-to-be, she does have a right to know."

Allegedly, Faryal, now Khan's fiancée, discovered damning text messages on the boxer's phone that pointed to a fling. It is even being reported that Khan used his future wife's phone to text his mistress. If true, it proved to be a huge error as Faryal used the number to text Miss Fox demanding to know the truth, stating "I have a right to know".

If the allegations are true, it will come as a considerable shock to fans still devoted to Amir Khan. His 'boy next door image' always seemed natural as opposed to the carefully constructed images of many other celebrities.

He is a devout Muslim who prays with the local community and steers clear of alcohol. But if claims of illicit sexual behaviour are true, he's far from pious.

Khan is a star and, unfortunately, scandals and allegations, especially those of a sexual nature, are often synonymous with celebrity-hood because celebrities are targets. So just because claims exist, don't mean they're true.

True or not, I think we will soon find out as Faryal doesn't seem the kind of girl to be taken for a ride.

Will this serve as yet another setback for the 26 year old fighter who, in the past year, has lost two fights, two world titles and replaced his trainer? And, if true, how will it effect his fanbase going forward?

And who knows, all of this might be the lies of a jealous ex-girlfriend or previous hook-up?

Regardless, its drama the fighter could certainly do without... especially at this critical point in his career. 

Source: Mirror UK 

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