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China: Martinez vs Zhong to be Nation's First World Title Bout

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CEBU Philippines - Mexican Javier "Demonio" Martinez (13-3-6KO) , currently ranked #3 in the WBC world rankings and the current WBC International Silver Minimumweight Champion and the Mexican Minimumweight Champion will make history this weekend in Kunming, China.

He will face Xiong Zhao Zhong (19-4-11KO) of the People's Republic of China in boxing's first world title bout there.

Indeed, the vacant WBC Minimumweight Championship is up for grabs this Saturday night in Kunming City Stadium in Kunming China.

In an interview with Team Martinez, Manager/Promoter Aquiles Torres was kind enough to give me some time to talk about the preparation for this historic fight.

Lopez: How was the flight to China?

Torres: It was a very long trip but well worth it.

Lopez: What day did you arrive to China?

Torres: We arrived Sunday evening.

Lopez: Was that enough time to acclimate to the weather in China?

Torres: The weather here is 18°C and it is raining. It was the same weather in Mexico when we left, so we are ok.

Pictured: Martinez trains in a Chinese Gym


Lopez: Who is the head trainer of Martinez?

Torres: Martin Reyes, a very good trainer with a lot of experience?

Lopez: What was your preparation for this fight?

Torres: We had many rounds of sparring for this fight and we come here very prepared. Martinez is in the best shape of his life. We had trained with fighters that have the same style as Zhong. We have worked on his conditioning and we are ready to go twelve rounds if we have to.

Lopez: Have you seen videos of Zhong?

Torres: Yes we have, and he is very beatable. We see nothing impressive. We have our game plan all ready.

Lopez: I heard from Don Sulaiman that you went to his office and was given the WBC World Championship belt so it can be delivered to China. That was nice of you.

Pictured: Javier Martinez poses, ready for Zhong this Saturday


Torres: Yes, and I will tell you this, that World Championship belt will go back to Mexico after we win in China.

Lopez: This past weekend was hard for Mexican fans as Hernan Marquez and Antonio DeMarco lost their Championship belts, will you change that?

Torres: YES!!!!!!!! We will do our best to win this fight. This is what we have trained for, the championship of the world.

Lopez: Who was the toughest opponent Martinez has faced?

Torres: Jesus Silvestre...We lost by UD...He is world champion now. We also thought Armando Vasquez was going to be a tough fight, but we beat him by TKO in the 6th.

Lopez: I see that Martinez beat Armando Vasquez to win the Mexican minimumweight championship, Vasquez has actually fought here in the Philippines and lost to world champion Donnie Nietes in the 1st round by KO, would you like to fight world champion Donnie Nietes if you win this fight in China?

Pictured: Javier Martinez skips rope in Chinese gym


Torres: Martinez is ready to fight anyone.

Lopez: Any final words for your fans in Mexico and all over the world?

Torres: We will make Mexico proud by winning the world title in this historic fight in China! VIVA MEXICO!!!!

Lopez: Thank you brother, good luck in China.

Torres: Thank You

Interview Courtesy of Michael A. Lopez


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