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Wednesday, 21 November 2012 02:27

Hector Camacho Shot

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According to TMZ, fight legend Hector Camacho has been shot in Puerto Rico. 

Its being reported Camacho was shot several times while sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle. Allegedly, another car approach the vehicle and someone inside opened fire in drive-by fashion.

The driver of the car occupied by the boxing legend is apparently dead while Hector Camacho is believed to have been hit multiple times in the neck and face. Its believed Camacho also took a bullet to the brain.

Carrier of Muhammad Ali's flamboyance, style and grace, the arrogant but supremely-skilled Camacho became a three time world champion and a fighter who was either adored or villainized by many. Nevertheless, Hector Camacho's flamboyant but good-hearted style brought a lot of fun to the sport of boxing.

Ali and Camacho's style was later adopted by Roy Jones Jr.,Jorge Paez and Naseem Hamed, just to name a few.  

Known for his quickness, hand/foot coordination and being diifficult to hit cleanly, Camacho fought a "Who's Who" of boxing legends including Juio Cesar Chavez, Ray Mancini, Vinny Pazienza, Roberto Duran , Greg Haugen Cornelius "Boza" Edwards and Sugar Ray Leonard.

His son, Hector Camacho Jr, was a contender for many years as a welterweight and jr welterweight and still fights on occasion.

The 50 year old Héctor "Macho" Camacho, possibly a future member of the International Boxing Hall Of Fame, remains in critical condition tonight after being shot about 2 1/2 hours ago (7pm EST).

Although there are rumors asserting he's dead, we have heard nothing of such from a credible source. (as of 10:43PM EST)

UPDATE: Camacho now in grave condition according to ESPN. (11:20 PM EST)

UPDATE: Camacho likely to survive (ESPN)  2:15am EST

UPDATE: (ESPN) Prognosis worsens 9:20am EST

Camacho suffered a heart attack at about 4:15am this morning and doctors called his brain activity "rather low." It is hoped that his fitness from being a professional athlete will help pull him through.

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