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Zhong Wins Historic World Title Bout in China

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In a fast paced action filled fight, Xiong Zhao Zhong won a Unanimous Decision over tough Mexican Javier Martinez to capture the vacant WBC minimumweight World Championship in a historic fight in China, becoming the first ever full-fledged world champion from that nation.

Round 1: At the opening bell, the fighters started at a fast pace with a lot of slam bang action, seemingly unleashing all they had . Martinez won the round.

Round 2: The second round was still the same with both fighters connecting on every punch and trying to end it early. Round 2 went to Martinez as well.

Round 3: Both fighters came out at a slower pace sizing each other then at the final 30 seconds of the round; They let their hands go unleashing a flurry of punches. And again,  Martinez appeared to have stolen the round. 

Round 4: This round was still fast and full of action with both fighters not letting up.

Round 5: Zhong was starting to land his mark and connect on Martinez who was always going straight forward and pushing the fight to Zhong. Zhong had this round.

Round 6: Martinez had this round with big solid shots to the head of Zhong but couldn't finish off the tough kid from China. This round had its share of viloence showcased by both fighters with each unleashing everything he had. Neverthless , Martinez got the cleaner punches on Zhong in this stanza.

Round 7: Still a very fast paced fight, a clash of heads resulted in a cut on the left eye of Martinez. The fighters never gave up and giving all they had. Round went to Zhong

Round 8: The eighth round showed the fight turning into the favor of Zhong as he started controlling the bout. Martinez was not letting this opportunity slip away; he was still coming forward and not running away but Zhong was finding his target a little easier now. Round to Zhong.

Round 9: Zhong was breaking down Martinez with big shots and precision punching, beating his foe to the punch. Zhong's round.

Round 10: The tenth round saw a rejuvenated Martinez landing some big shots and coming forward and pushing the fight to Zhong. Martinez stole this round

Round 11: The eleventh round was all Zhong as he hurt Martinez, but the game Mexican never went down and weathered the storm.
Round went to Zhong.

Round 12: The last and final round was full of action. The fighters came out swinging for the homerun. It was nonstop action with both fighters landing big shots with neither guy being able to finish off the other fighter. Round went to Zhong.

The judges had scored the bout in favor Zhong, 116-114, 116-112 and a ridiculous score of 120-108.

This historic fight in China was action packed and a great start to more big boxing events in that country.

Zhong improved to (20-4-1-11KO) while Martinez fell to (13-4-2-6KO).

Before the start of the world title fight, two heavyweights came out to show what they were made out of. Nigerian Okello Peter (21-6-19KO) was up against American Freddie Miller (3-7-1-2KO). This fight was a stinker. Two 'tomato cans' going at it.

In round three, both fighters went down and should have stayed down. In the fourth round, Peter hurt Miller and the referee stopped the fight awarding the bout to Peter via TKO.