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Cotto vs Trout Preview and Analysis

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Tonight, Miguel Cotto and Austin Trout will battle for the WBA 'Regular' junior middleweight title.

Cotto vs Trout Time: 9PM EST 

Broadcast: Showtime: (US), PPV (Puerto Rico), BoxNation (UK), Main Event PPV (Australia)

Live streams: LiveSport.TV (BoxNation subscribers)

Cotto vs Trout should be a good boxing match between two good technically-sound boxers. However, these kinds of matches are not always crowd pleasing.  Both fighters are cautious, safety-first, defensive-minded pugilists who rarely give opponents the opportunity to knock them out.

This one will probably follow suit, especially if Trout controls the action. If Cotto takes over, then we could see some semblance of a fan friendly fight with a possible knockout.

Austin Trout
The undefeated Austin Trout is a slick southpaw who can punch a little bit but his power hasn't been as significant against the higher rated fighters. Tonight, he will be counting on his boxing ability.

Trout works well off his jab, he's hard to hit, and counters well. I haven't seen him move his feet a lot but that doesn't mean that he can't do it. Against Cotto, he will have to move his feet to control the action because Miguel will be pressuring him while unleashed jabs and combinations. 

When Cotto jabs, the slick Trout will be looking to jab over Cotto's jab or hook over it with his front hand since both fighters' front hands will be on the same side. Trout is also good at countering with his left hand against an orthodox jab. He has a lot of tools but the key for him is range. He should counter Cotto's attack before Miguel can close the range and open up with combinations.

The WBA 'Regular' Champion will need to keep a step between him and Cotto. This will force Cotto to step to his jab as opposed to just throwing it at a target right in front of him. If Austin keeps that gap, he will be able to take Cotto's jab away from him and counter all night.

Cotto vs Trout Poster


Miguel Cotto

Miguel Cotto has three losses and has been stopped twice yet he has been in with significantly better competition than Trout.

The Puerto Rican works well behind his jab and is best when he uses lateral movement to set up his attack. Once he establishes his range, he likes to close the distance with powerful combinations. In this bout, lateral movement will serve him well.

Trout is more of a patient boxer who carves his opponents up when they are in front of him. Cotto's best bet is to make Trout try and walk him down. Trout likes to punch, and then move. Lateral movement will force him to move, and then punch; therefore possibly disrupting a rhythm he is used to. If Cotto stays balanced while he moves, he can set traps and open up on his man.

Cotto vs Trout Prediction
Cotto vs Trout will be a competitive fight and I don't know the strategies either team is working on in their training camps. Anything can happen in there. If somebody gets hurt early, (which is what happened in each of the fights these past two weeks) it can set the tone for the entire fight therefore making my prediction wrong.

Mistakes are critical in this game.

The result will be left up to the fighters, what they have been working on, and ultimately the decisions they make inside the ring on fight night.

Jabs and feints will be the key for both fighters and I see Cotto coming forward and being countered at times. If he moves in a circle, I think he can force Trout to back up in a straight line. In the bouts I have seen, Trout likes to stand in front of his opponents, out jab them, and pick them off with counter shots. But standing in front of Cotto will be dangerous for him. 

Cotto vs Trout - Tale of the Tape


Austin Trout will have to move to beat Cotto but how comfortable will he be doing so?

At a high level, Trout hasn't hurt anybody. Buddy Tyson, a good friend of mine, lost an eight round decision. He told me that Trout's power isn't great but he is real slick and, as a result, is picking Trout to win this fight.

Styles make fights so Trout vs Cotto will likely be close. Forced to pick a winner, I'd have to go with Cotto because I don't see Trout moving all night long. Given the magnitude of this bout, Trout will revert back to what he does naturally which is stand in front of his man and try to pick him apart. As a result, the aggressive Cotto will use his jab and ultimately force Trout back.

Miguel Cotto Wins Narrowly on Points

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