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Mayweather vs Canelo | Alvarez's Fight Plan Partially Shaped by Shane Mosley?

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Who remembers May 1, 2010? Mayweather vs Mosley.
On that day, Floyd Mayweather defeated Shane Mosley via a comfortable decision.

But that wasn't the big story.

What resonated from that bout was Floyd Mayweather looked as vulnerable as he's even been in Round 2.

A pair of big right hands hurt Mayweather and it appeared at one point that he may go down.

One must wonder how much, if any, attention Saul Alvarez's camp is giving that round.

Certianly many feel than 'Canelo' Alvarez is more powerful and explosive than the 38 year old version of Shane Mosley who fought Mayweather in 2010. Incidentally, that was Mosley's first fight after a 14 month hiatus so there may have been some ring rust as well.

Will 'Canelo' be more dangerous than Mosley if Alvarez gets Mayweather hurt? Can he do it more than once?

So what happened?

Answer: While the two fighters possed, Mosley took the initiative and threw a quick left jab (0.08 of the video below) to the body followed by a hard right upstairs (0.09). The left jab was nothing more than a range-finder and lead-in punch to preoccupy Floyd with. Mayweather went for the bait and was clocked by the hard right that immediately followed.

Since Mosley was able to touch him with the range-finding jab, he confidently stepped in an unleashed the right, knowing Mayweather would be in range.

At 1:16 of the video, Mosley catches Mayweather again... This time with an overhand right.

'Money May', perhaps still shook up from what transpired earlier in the round, had been in a defensive shell until he opened up on the inside and was caught by a Mosley humdinger. And this time, the legendary Mayweather buckled badly and appeared to be on the verge of going down.

But, like so many greats, Mayweather was able to maintain himself until the end of the round.

Mayweather vs Alvarez - Sept 14

mayweather canelo3

Mosley said of Round 2 afterward: "I caught him with my big right hand and I tried to move around but by that time he was too quick and I was too tight. After the right hand I thought I needed to knock him out and I needed to do it sooner than later. But I couldn't adjust and he did."

In that round, solidly won by Mosley, Mayweather, according to CompuBox Stats, landed 11 of 26 punches while Mosley was 18 of 47. And Mosley outlanded Mayweather in powershots 13-8.

Certainly Team Alvarez has seen that footage and is wondering what would it take for their man to get 'Money May' in such a precarious state.

Look for Alvarez to try to get in range and catch a seemingly unsuspecting Mayweather with something big early.

Mayweather vs Mosley (2010) | Round 2
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