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Floyd Mayweather vs Timothy Bradley Next September?

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WBO Welterweight Champion Timothy Bradley calls out Floyd Mayweather, his WBC peer, 10 days prior to the former's showdown with Juan Manuel Marquez.
Bradley told ESNews:

"If that fight ever materializes, heck yeah, I would love a shot at Mayweather."

"I think I'm the only guy in boxing that's close to the weight class that can definitely give him a challenge."

"I feel I have the speed, I feel I have the movement and I think I have everything it takes to get in there and give Mayweather some problems," Bradley would tell ESNews and others in the media.

Is Tim Bradley overlooking Juan Manuel Marquez or just trying to draw attention to himself ahead of his October 12 PPV showdown with the future hall of famer?

Truth be told, Bradley's trainer, Joel Diaz, boldly issued a challenge to Mayweather last year.

In April 2012, six weeks prior to his fighter's showdown with fight legend Manny Pacquiao, Diaz told FightSaga, "I believe my fighter is the only man on the planet who can beat Floyd Mayweather."

"Just like I said with Manny Pacquiao, he's only human and anyone can beat him with the right plan."

Moreover, Joel Diaz insisted Team Bradley would not accept just 30% of the purse should Mayweather vs Bradley come to fruition.

"Tell Floyd Mayweather it's 50-50. Take it or leave it," trainer Diaz exclaimed.

Tim Bradley, left, with trainer Joel Diaz


Diaz added, "You have to remember, this is after we beat Pacquiao. This is after 24/7 shows the world who Tim Bradley really is. I think so many people will be interested in seeing my fighter after he beats Pacquiao.

Tim Bradley will become a superstar overnight."

"I have to respect Floyd Mayweather. He's one of the greatest fighters of all time. I respect him. He has the fastest feet in boxing. He moves so quickly you punch and then he isn't there."

But Joel Diaz remained firm in his assertion Tim Bradley would best Floyd Mayweather if the pugilists met in the ring.

"I'm telling you right now... Tim can beat Mayweather. After Pacquiao, we'll sit down and come up with a strategy to win the fight. Hey, you never know, Floyd Mayweather might want to protect his undefeated record and avoid Tim. If we do fight him, we will be coming to win. I know Tim can beat him."

If - and only if - Tim Bradley does something dynamic against Marquez will the fighter dubbed 'Desert Storm' be mentioned as a 'long-shot' prospective Mayweather opponent.

And since Mayweather and Bradley are attached to rival promoters and competing networks, public demand would have to be fierce in order to make this bout happen.

But Mayweather vs Bradley isn't totally inconceivable. After all, both are welterweight champions and such a bout would have unification implications. Moreover, Bradley is rated higher on RING's Pound-for-Pound list than Mayweather's top two prospective opponents, Amir Khan and Danny Garcia, as well as his most recent foe, Canelo Alvarez.

If Tim Bradley defeats Marquez the former will easily be the most accomplished fighter Floyd has faced since 2009 (Juan Manuel Marquez). Yet, while skills and accomplishments are important, they are second to drawing power.

Mayweather vs Bradley won't happen or even come close unless Tim can find a way to generate major buzz a la Canelo Alvarez.

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