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Floyd Mayweather vs Amir Khan: Brit could make it "very surprising"

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Amir Khan, the apparent frontrunner to face WBC Welterweight and lineal jr middleweight champion Floyd Mayweather (45-0, 26 KO) in May, is being dismissed by many fans and most in the media as a legitimate challenge for boxing's top fighter.

But Amir Khan (28-3, 19 KO) likes his chances against Floyd and he's not the only one who believes he can give Mayweather problems.

Khan's world class trainer, Virgil Hunter, recently told Chris Robinson:

"I told him that if he would dedicate himself to the sport of boxing and dedicate himself to the repetitions and the commitment to correct some of his flaws....he certainly has the ability to make it a very interesting fight."

"Now a lot of people won't agree with that. By no means is he going to be out of this fight. I think it's going to be a very surprising fight."

In a previous interview with FightHype, Hunter stated:

"I've seen him [Khan] do things that can kind of just leave you spellbound that he hasn't even shown in a fight yet."

"I always say Andre Ward is at about 80 percent of what he's going to be, and he still has that upside. Well Amir still has that upside also, where there's so much room to get better."

Hunter, who is known for being very direct, firmly believes Khan will, at the very least, force Floyd out of his comfort zone and, perhaps, make the fight legend struggle.

Is Khan capable of delivering a big surprise? And is Hunter the only world class trainer who believes Khan has a legitimate shot?

Expert trainer James Gogue, one of the best minds in boxing, told FightSaga last year:

"Stylistically, Amir Khan will give everybody problems because of the way he fights."

"He moves a lot and he has a fast, explosive jab that in my opinion is one of the best in boxing. He also throws a very high volume of punches with speed and in combination."

"After he fires off his combinations at angles, he will move and won't there to be countered."

"Amir Khan is a very tough opponent, style-wise, for Mayweather because Floyd would be forced to change his personality in the ring."

"Floyd would be forced to press the action and move forward while trying to cut off the ring effectively. Floyd isn't used to taking the lead in a fight and it would be interesting to see if he could do this effectively."
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