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Holm vs de Randamie odds, prediction and Cyborg Justino

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After consecutive losses at 135 pounds, former UFC bantamweight champion and Ronda Rousey slayer Holly Holm is moving up to 145 pounds to fight for the inaugural UFC Women's Featherweight championship.

She's fighting German kickboxer Germaine de Randamie who, despite her unimpressive 6-3 record, is the favorite heading into the UFC 208 PPV title fight.

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Odds: Most bettors slate Holm as roughly a 7/2 underdog.

So why is de Randamie the favorite?

Holm has the higher profile MMA wins, she's a former UFC champion, as well as a decorated boxing champion. But unfortunately thus far, she's been very inconsistent in MMA.

She delivered an unbelievable performance against Rousey in 2015 but it was the only fight she thoroughly dominated sans the Marion Reneau bout which was nothing to really write at home about.

She had two close fights with Raquel Pennington, which she won a controversial decision in and, of course, a late submission loss to Miesha Tate. And she looked terrible in her most recent bout with Valentina Shevchenko, losing via a decision.

But even with her consistency issues, Holm should be the favorite.

Germaine is a power-striking kickboxer but has no other redeeming qualities. She's not going to wrestle Holm like Tate, Pennington, and Shevchenko. She's going to stand with Holm and setup her power strikes.

Holm vs de Randamie should be right in Holm's wheelhouse. It's the perfect matchup for her.

She has the better credentials standing, even with Randamie's undefeated Kickboxing background. If Holm can play the counter game, avoid getting hit with one of those shots, she should be able to jab and kick her way to victory.

Holm vs de Randamie prediction
There are two ways this fight could go. 1) Holm outboxes de Randamie and wins a unanimous decision or 2) de Germaine catches Holm with a power shot. It's conceivably a 50-50 scenario. However, Holm has the better striking credentials and Holm vs de Randamie is highly likely to be a striking contest for 25 minutes.

Look for Holm to fight at a safe distance, get the jab going, and mix in kicks.

Prediction: Holm outpoints De Randamie to win a decision.

Next fight scenario?

Does winner fight Cyborg Justino?

UFC created the Women's Featherweight division to lure star fighter Cyborg Justino. But those plans went array when Cyborg failed a USADA random drug test in December of last year. The UFC opted to go with Holm vs de Randamie instead.

Fortunately, some positive news came about yesterday when Dana White told ESPN that Cyborg may avoid suspension after failing a drug test for allegedly subscribed medication. No word on how or why that would be the case, but as of now that's all we have heard.

If Cyborg is able to avoid suspension, she may fight the winner of Holm vs de Randamie.

Given the UFC's current landscape, with Conor McGregor's absence and Rousey's alleged retirement, Holm vs Cyborg could be one of the biggest PPV events for UFC this year.

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