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Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan: Referee may play big role in outcome (Video)

Apr 28, 2016 - 04:08PM ET
Does the smaller, presumably faster Amir Khan plan to use aggressive and/ or excessive pushing as a defensive tactic against lineal middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez on May 7?  

Canelo vs Khan: Tit for tat is for amateurs

Apr 20, 2016 - 10:58PM ET
What if Amir Khan throws and lands more shots than Canelo Alvarez in their May 7 middleweight title showdown?  

Post Mayweather-Pacquiao era: Who is the heir to the 147 lb throne?

Apr 20, 2016 - 07:40PM ET
Given the recent emergence of Errol Spence Jr and recent retirements Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, many in the boxing universe are asking: Who will be the world’s top 147 pounder in the post Mayweather-Pacquiao era?  

Canelo vs Khan purses: Is the payout fair?

Apr 17, 2016 - 03:22AM ET
In just less than three weeks, unified, lineal middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez will face elite level welterweight Amir Khan.  

Canelo vs Khan: Old school trainer breaks it down

Apr 06, 2016 - 12:41AM ET
When Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan was announced eight weeks ago, many dismissed latter's chances, insisting Khan, a welterweight, was too small and lacked the strength to compete with a powerful middleweight.  

Canelo vs Khan prediction: David Haye solidly behind Brit

Apr 03, 2016 - 09:36PM ET
With each passing week, more fighters, trainers and other experts in the boxing community are giving British welterweight Amir Khan a chance to defeat middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez on May 7.  

Canelo vs Khan: Former Alvarez foe has mixed emotions

Apr 03, 2016 - 06:26PM ET
What does forner jr middleweight champion Austin Trout think of the May 7 middleweight title fight between Canelo Alvarez and Amir Khan?  

Canleo vs Khan prediction: Floyd Mayweather Sr unleashes

Mar 30, 2016 - 09:05AM ET
Never at a loss for words, Floyd Mayweather Sr., offered a rather interesting prediction for Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan on May 7.  

Canleo vs Khan boring? Win tonight and look good next time

Mar 28, 2016 - 01:56PM ET
There's an old saying in boxing: 'Just win this one and look good next time.'  

Amir Khan: Only a victory over Canelo Alvarez may alter Floyd Mayweather retirement

Mar 25, 2016 - 03:43PM ET
Boxing is a lot like life... An opportunity can be like gold.  

"Amir Khan has the perfect style to [defeat Canelo]," according to Danny Garcia

Mar 16, 2016 - 06:03PM ET
Amir Khan received a mild endorsement of sorts from an unlikely fighter.  

Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan: Was the Brit's true height a real whammy to Canelo & Co?

Mar 16, 2016 - 12:10AM ET
Did the Brit's real height shock Alvarez's team?  

2016 Corvette Stingray: Amir Khan treats himself to a beauty

Mar 13, 2016 - 02:43PM ET
With the biggest fight of his career less than eight weeks away, welterweight star Amir Khan is spoiling himself early.  

Canelo vs Khan prediction: David Lemieux insists someone might get hurt

Mar 10, 2016 - 02:49PM ET
MIddleweight star vs welterweight star.  
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