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Tuesday, 29 May 2012 23:13

Chavez vs Lee

Chavez Jr vs Lee 

On Saturday, June 16th, at the Sun Bowl in El Paso, TX, the boxing world recognized three very important details after watching the WBC Middleweight Championship contest between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and "Irish" Andy Lee:

1) Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. has one of the best chins in boxing

2) Chavez Jr. is a much tougher fighter than most realized

3) To avoid a controversial decision, knock your opponent out

Throughout the first three rounds, Lee peppered Chavez with a healthy dose of jabs, solid right hooks, straight lefts, and uppercuts. While Junior attempted to close the distance on his 6'2" opponent, Lee displayed his skillful footwork and ring intelligence by either tying up the relentless aggressor or stepping around Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

For the majority of the first three stanzas, Lee was able to keep the incumbent title holder at the end of his punches and at a relatively safe distance.

To begin the seventh and final round, Lee was pushing his punches and threw nothing to detour the aggressive champion's pursuit. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr pushed Andy Lee against the ropes and landed a perfect right hook to the jaw while Andy was about to throw a counter of his own.

Sensing that his opponent was badly hurt, Junior continued to throw hard shots to the body and head of a very foggy Andy Lee against the ropes. While Lee was being hammered by the reigning champ, the third man in the ring, Lawrence Cole, stepped in and called a halt to the bout at the 2:21 mark of round number seven.

Although the stoppage seemed just to most, some at ringside believed Lawrence Cole pulled the trigger on the bout too quickly.

When asked if the stoppage was justified, Lee's legendary trainer had mixed emotions.

"Andy's never going to complain about the referee's call," explained Manny Steward. "That's just the way he is. Even though Andy had shown a history of being able to fight through adversity, he was hurt when the ref jumped in." 

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With a possible bout against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on June 16th, in El Paso, TX, "Trainer of Champions" Emanuel Steward chimes in on how he feels a battle between JCC Jr. and Andy Lee would play out.

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Rumors are swirling in Las Vegas that a three way blockbuster deal will be announced shortly involving Sergio Martinez (49-2-2, 28 KO), Julio Cesar Chavez Jr (45-0-1, 31 KO) and Andy Lee (27-1, 19 KO).

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