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HBO and Golden Boy Issue Statements on Steward's Passing

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October 25, 2012

"It brings me great grief and sadness to hear of the passing of one of the best and most respected trainers of this era, Emanuel Steward. I learned a lot from him during our professional relationship and I will be forever grateful for his help during that time. We were also friends and I know I am going to miss him as so many others will too. He was an important part of our boxing community."

–Oscar de la Hoya

HBO Statement on Emanuel Steward

"There are no adequate words to describe the enormous degree of sadness and loss we feel at HBO Sports with the tragic passing of Manny Steward. For more than a decade, Manny was a respected colleague who taught us so much not only about the sweet science but also about friendship and loyalty. His energy, enthusiasm and bright smile were a constant presence. Ten bells do not seem enough to mourn his passing. His contributions to the sport and to HBO will never be forgotten. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family."

-Ken Hershman, President, HBO Sports

Prizefighter Boxing Show Releases Statement

Life is not fair.

If it were, the world would not let the legendary Emanuel Steward, who's smile and unique style of love and passion for life, leave us so soon.

To his family and friends he was a beautiful nurturing "father figure". To his adoring fans he was larger than boxing, because he represented the best qualities of the human spirit. If you were lucky enough to meet him, even for a brief few seconds, he touched your heart with his gentle ease and kind, always respectful tone.

He dedicated his life to helping people, especially those in need of "proper" guidence, steering their own troubled lives back to the light of hope was Manny specialty. He was more than a boxing giant, more than an heroic symbol, he was the sweetest man we'll ever know. His tireless efforts to help and inspire those who were less fortunate, came from his deep belief that good is the root of all people. He took athletes under his HALL OF FAME tutelage, and made them better in every way.

Champions like Thomas Hearns, Evander Holyfield, Wladimir Klitschko, and so many more, owe their success to this brilliant boxing guru, who spent every waking moment thinking about the sport he loved. There will never be another Manny, and his inspirational life's work will live on to the millions of lives he touched. Life isn't fair, but Emanuel Steward made it seem fair while he was here.

Lover of life, lover of boxing, lover of us all.

Goodbye Manny!

Rocco Anthony