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Adrien Broner has dug a hole for himself, insists Jeff Mayweather

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Trainer Jeff Mayweather, dubbed 'The Quiet Mayweather,' of the famed fighting clan has been very vocal of late.

Recently, the former pro fighter turned trainer directed his attention towards former 3 weight world champion Adrien "The Problem" Broner 25, (30-2 22KO) who once was seemingly obsessed with emulating Jeff's nephew, Floyd.

The problem (pun not intended) with Broners's ill-advised early career emulation of Floyd is that the former's success in the ring has not lasted as Adrien has dropped fights to Marcos Maidana and former IBF 147 lb champ Shawn Porter who are, at best, borderline elite fighters.

Floyd's Uncle Jeff had this to say concerning Broner during a recent interview with On The Ropes Boxing Radio:

"Well, I think what it was is that Adrien Broner is a talented fighter but he doesn’t have what Floyd has, not even close to what Floyd has."

"He doesn’t even come close, he was just able to ride that coattail until he got exposed."

"The reality of it is that he’s dug a hole for himself now because it’s only good to be a villain when you win, because you force the people to pay because they want to see you get beat so bad."

"They have already seen Broner get beat twice, they don’t care about him getting beat anymore, it doesn’t mean anything. Bragging and talking trash like he does now, it’s meaningless, it means nothing."

But Jeff still insists Broner is capable of bouncing back and that there are still plenty of big fights for him; but he needs to change his trash talking attitude and humble himself to make it happen.

"It would be better for Broner to really just humble himself and win some fights, win some meaningful fights."

"He’s still a guy that can fight, there’s plenty of good fights for him out there for him to really put himself in a good position."

"You have Danny Garcia, Matthysse, Tim Bradley. There’s other different fighters that are close to his weight or at his weight that will at least put him in a good position once again," Jeff said.

"I just think that if he continues on a path of talking trash and not backing it up, he’s gonna be forgotten. He’s just gonna be looked at as a flash in the pan, a guy who just came on the and disappeared."

Will the braggadocios and overtly obnoxious Broner ever humble himself and get serious about boxing?

It remains to be seen.


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