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Amir Khan: Targeting Floyd Mayweather... and Maidana?

Lee Cleveland Updated
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British welterweight boxer Amir Khan (30-3, 19 KOs), not unlike last year at this time, is lobbying hard for a showdown with boxing's top star, Floyd Mayweather.

Fresh off his dominating performance against former two-division champion Devon Alexander earlier this month, Khan sincerely believes he's earned the right to win the Floyd Mayweather Sweepstakes.

Responding to his critics who insist he lacks tenacity, Amit Khan harkens back to his December 2010 bout against Marcos Maidana, insisting he's proved his naysayers wrong before.

The boxer recently told Pakistan Today,"Maidana was a fight where everybody said 'Amir is going to lose..."

"I had everyone against me. They said 'he's going to get beat.' It wasn't bringing me down morally. I just had to prove something to people, prove everyone wrong."

"It's sometimes good to be the underdog because you get to prove everyone wrong. I went in there and beat this guy quite easily, by knocking him down and made him look silly."

Look silly?

It wasn't that easy, Amir.

However, Khan did dominate the fight early and almost ended matters in Round 1 via a pulverizing body shot. However, the resilient Maidana recovered, got stronger in the second half of the fight and unleashed unmitigated fury in Round 10, jolting Khan and sending the woozy boxer wobbling back on his feet. 

To his credit, Khan weathered the storm and Maidana's late rally in the 'championship rounds' to win a close but unanimous decision by the scores of 114-111 twice and 113-112.

If not for the point deduction from Maidana in Round 5, it would have been a majority decision.

The fight was called one of the 'fights of the decade' by Oscar De La Hoya and later was awarded the Boxing Writers Association of America 'Fight of the Year award.

Is Amir Khan trying to compare his bout with Maidana four years ago to the Mayweather vs Maidana showdowns of 2013?

If so, Floyd's first bout with Maidana in May is certainly comparable to Amir Khan vs Marcos Maidana (2010). However, Floyd's showing against the Argentine in their September rematch was stronger than Khan's.

In that bout, Floyd used superior footwork to avoid getting caught on the ropes, counter jabs, and power punches in center ring to blunt the Argentine's attack for most of the evening and win a clear-cut unanimous decision.

Perhaps Khan's reference to "making Maidana look silly" stems from the previous bad blood between the fighters. Maybe he's trying to bait Maidana should he fail to secure the Mayweather fight?

Khan vs Maidana 2 anyone?

Khan vs Maidana highlights below

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