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Pacquiao vs Khan sparring: Amir much faster than Manny?

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Once stablemates who concurrently trained under Freddie Roach,Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan have trained together and sparred with each other over the years, and developed a friendly relationship.


"I'd fight Manny," Khan told Daily Mail last year.

"Look, it's business. We are friends and respect each other, but I would definitely consider the fight, and I am sure he would too."

"To bring it to Dubai, too, that would be huge. I am ready for whatever. Have I ever turned down a fight? Never. I fight whoever is put in front of me."

So how do they stack up?

When asked in 2011 to dissect a match-up between Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan, Jamie Kavanagh, then a sparring partner for both fighters, offered some insight.

"Amir Khan would knock you out with like 6 or 7 punches... "

"But Manny can hit you with 3 or 4. Manny has a lot more power."

According to Kavanagh, Pacquiao punched harder and was more dangerous, all-around, but Khan was faster.

"Amir has a lot more speed than Manny Pacquiao," he insisted.

A LOT more speed than Pacquiao?

When asked for a prediction should such a fight take place, Kavanagh replied, "It would be a very interesting fight. I'd like to see it."

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