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Andre Ward: Net worth, purse for Kovalev rematch, and Jay Z

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Not unlike their first fight, Andre Ward's purse will be much larger than rival Sergey Kovalev's in tonight's rematch.

Ward has a $6 million guarantee while much of Kovalev's purse will be generated from pay-per-view and ticket revenue. Per BoxingScene.com, Kovalev will make 75 percent of his side’s overall take from the event. Hence, look for Sergey to pocket between $1.4 and $2.4 Million.

In their first meeting last fall, Ward reportedly earned a guaranteed $5 Million and Kovalev was believed to have been guaranteed $2 Million.

Why the big discrepancy?
Of course Sergey wasn't happy about the purse split then and is even more infuriated now. But there's nothing for Kovalev to be angry about as Ward's promoter, Jay Z's Roc Nation, is willing to take a loss. Jay Z is investing in his fighter, Andre Ward. Why should he invest in Andre's opponent?

"Ward has a sugar daddy [Jay Z] who pays him $7 million for this fight, OK?, " Egis Klimas, Kovalev’s manager, told BoxingScene.com.

In fact, Klimas insists Ward has done less to promote the event, knowing it would negatively impact Kovalev's revenue.

“Sergey is working for every dime he makes,” Kathy Duva, Main Events’ chief executive officer recently told BoxingScene.com.

“The other is guy is getting paid by somebody [Jay Z] who’s gonna pay him more money than [the company] is going to take in."

“He’s getting paid by one guy [Jay Z], who for some reason is willing to put out extraordinary amounts of money to watch him fight. Good for him. Sergey is working for every nickel, so this is clearly affecting him more than it affects Ward, whose purse is guaranteed."

Incidentally, Jay Z's net worth is believed to be a cool $610 Million, per Bankrate.com.

Andre Ward: Net worth
Per CelebrityNetWorth.com, Andre Ward is worth $8 Million heading into the Kovalev rematch tonight. However, other sites suggest he's worth much less.

Purported previous Andre Ward purses:

vs Sergey Kovalev (2016) - $5 Million
vs Alexander Brand (2016) - $850,000
vs Sullivan Barrera (2016) - $1.85 Million
vs Paul Smith (2015) - $2 Million
vs Edwin Rodriguez (2013) - $2 Million ($1.9 Million + 100K from opponent fine)
vs Chad Dawson (2012) - $1.367 Million




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