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Andy Ruiz weight: Buster Douglas vs Holyfield redux?

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Here we go... Here we go.

After weeks of incessant rumors implying unified heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz would be much leaner for tomorrow's rematch with Anthony Joshua, he weighed in even heavier than before.

The chubby Ruiz weighed in today at a whopping 283.7 lbs, nearly 16 lbs heavier than Joshua vs Ruiz 1 on June 1. AJ, at 237 lbs, was 10 lbs lighter.

Those who were concerned Ruiz would lose too much weight don't have to worry about him being too thin. However, the added 16 lbs to his already porkly physique should be a bit worrisome for his supporters.

Ruiz is the heaviest he’s weighed since 2009, seemingly confirming rumors he blew up in weight while celebrating his upset win over Joshua.

“20 stone 3, I got a lot of respect for Ruiz, because when I ate a lot, I don’t want to take my top off either,” said Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn to IFL TV. “But as I said in the build up, I don’t think it matters about Ruiz’s weight anyway. What is he? 10 lbs heavier? AJ is 10 lbs lighter?"

Hearn's point is well-taken but he and Team Joshua must have been salivating when Ruiz's weight was announced. Many expected a lean, mean version of the Mexican American.

Remember Evander Holyfield vs Buster Douglas?
Let's cycle back to Oct 24, 1990, the eve of newly-crowned heavyweight champion Buster Douglas's first title defense; It was his first fight since his enormous upset win over Mike Tyson eight months prior.

Douglas, like Ruiz, had become an instant celebrity. He made the talk show circuit and displayed a kind of arrogance reserved for long-established stars. But unlike the fearless and focused version of Douglas that stepped into the ring against Tyson, the new Douglas put on a lot of weight after winning the title and entered training camp very heavy. At the official weigh-in, Douglas weighed 246 lbs, 14½ more than his weight for the Tyson fight.

"Roll him in and carry him out," said Lou Duva, co-trainer of Holyfield, who came in at a svelte 208.

Mirage oddsmaker Jimmy Vaccaro said there was a mad rush to the sports book after the weigh-in. "Over $150,000 was bet in one hour, and 90 percent of it was bet on Holyfield," he said. Holyfield had been as much as a 12-5 favorite. The odds went down to 7-5, but after the weigh-in, went up to 9-5.

Douglas, who looked flabby, slow and sluggish against Holyfield, never got in-sync and was KO'd in Round 3 by a right counter right cross after Buster had attempted a lazy lead uppercut from way outside.

Aside from being outside of shape physically, Douglas was obviously not prepared psychologically. Too much celebrating?

What was Douglas thinking when he led with that uppercut from way outside? Throwing that punch is not only insulting to an opponent, it's very dangerous and Holyfield immediately made him pay.

It's as if Douglas was saying, "You're so slow and unskilled, Evander, I can get away with throwing led uppercuts from way out yonder."

... Ironically, the much faster, sharper Holyfield could have gotten away with throwing that punch against Buster all night, though.

Back to Ruiz... Although the 16 lbs gained isn't as obvious on Andy's physique as it was on Douglas's, one must wonder what the former's mindset is heading into Joshua vs Ruiz 2.

Insider info?
Perhaps Tyson Fury did have inside information when he chimed in September:

"I know that Ruiz has been running around in a lot of Rolls Royces and doing a lot of TV shows, eating a lot of tacos and he's not been in the gym for two-and-a-half months, because I've been speaking to the guys and nobody's seen him," Fury told Behind the Gloves.

Joshua vs Ruiz 2
WBA/IBF/WBO Heavyweight titles
December 07, 2019
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Broadcast: DAZN, Sky Box Office HD

"Apparently he's [Ruiz] going to start training on Monday, whether that happens or not is going to be a different thing but could Andy Ruiz be the second coming of Buster Douglas, could it really happen?"

Smoke and mirrors?
Perhaps Ruiz is roughly the same size as he was on June 1 and ate a few heavy meals prior to the weigh-in to temporarily inflate his weight in an attempt to trick team Joshua into thinking he's undertrained and ill-prepared?

Or maybe Ruiz had hand weights in his pockets when he tipped the scale? If so, he hid them well.

The most likely scenario is Andy celebrated very hard after the first fight, gained a bunch of weight and couldn't take it all off in time for the rematch.

Is Andy getting a little too big for his britches? Figuratively and literally.

And will he be Buster Douglas No. 2?

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