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Bermane Stiverne stops Chris Arreola in six to win WBC Heavyweight title

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It's often said that good things come to those who wait. After waiting for what seems like an eternity to finally prove his mettle on the championship stage, the 35 year old Haitian native, Bermane "B Ware" Stiverne (24-1-1, 21 KOs), took full advantage of his golden opportunity this evening in front of a hostile crowd in Los Angeles, California.

The newly crowned WBC Heavyweight Champion was ultimately able to capture the coveted title by stopping perennial contender Chris Arreola (36-4, 31 KOs) in the sixth round of a scheduled twelve round contest, flooring the hard charging fighter two times in the process.

But not before taking a few lumps from the game Hispanic fighter.

In an action filled Heavyweight scrap that dazzled those in attendance, the hard charging Riverside competitor brought the fight to the Las Vegas resident.

And in the cramped 17 foot ring, Stiverne had no choice but to fight back.

From the opening bell to the eventual stoppage in the sixth stanza, the 33 year old fight veteran relentlessly pursued Bermane Stiverne, coming at him with hard combinations to the body and head. While Chris had many moments of success within the hard fought contest, it was the betting favorite and number one contender who seemed to land the cleaner and more damaging blows when it mattered the most.

In the first round, Arreola took the lead and ostensibly set the tempo of the action packed bout, working in combination with hard left-rights through the middle of Bermane's guard.


After several hard exchanges, Stiverne shook the crowd favorite with a short, compact left hook counter in the closing seconds of the opening period.

The second round showed more of the same, with "The Riverside Nightmare" out working the proud, Haitian born fighter, implementing a consistent flow of pressure by way of combinations to the body and head. Although Bermane was able to land the occasional clean shot, it Arreola who was controlling the action with a steady flow punches while taking the lead and pushing the tempo.

Rounds three and four saw the California native's best moments, attacking the patient fighter with eye catching combinations from mid to short range. Arreola consistently charged at Stiverne with his entire arsenal of shots; intelligently working behind the lead left jab that seemed to set the table for a consistent barrage of hard hooks to the body and head in close quarters.

Although Chris was winning the fight after the first four rounds of action , the 33 year old prizefighter had no clue he was being set up by the explosive puncher from Haiti.

As Arreola began to get more comfortable attacking Stiverne, the Mexican-American fighter noticeably started to become more complacent, walking into the line of fire without moving his head and working behind the jab. Although Chris was still landing with regularity in round five, the confident fighter abandoned his range finder and his first line of attack.

Stieverne saw the opening and took advantage of the consequential mistake in the sixth round.


At the 2:00 mark of the final stanza, Bermane landed a sweeping right hand that landed on the temple of Chris Arreola, which buckled the perennial contender and sent him to the canvas.

While the brave Los Angeles born fighter beat the referee's count, it was obvious to those at ringside that Arreola was still on unsteady legs...it was apparent to his opponent as well.

After veteran referee Jack Reiss allowed the action to continue, Bermane intelligently put his punches together in combination and didn't smother his offense. He calmly worked the body and head until Arreola went down again at the 1:23 mark, by way of a short, compact right hook to the side of the head.

Despite once again getting up before the third man in the ring reached his ten count, the fight was a foregone conclusion. There was too much time remaining in the sixth round, and Arreola didn't have the legs to survive the final minute on the clock.

When the action commenced, Bermane started letting his hands go once more, and immediately garnered the attention of the referee in charge. CSAC ref Jack Reiss had seen enough and decided to officially call a halt to the bout at the 1:00 mark of round number six.

After the nine year professional was declared the winner by ring announcer Michael Buffer, Stiverne was expectedly elated at the outcome of his first title opportunity.

"I studied and I studied...I watched my opponent, and knew that I could knock him out," stated the understandably emotional Bermane Stiverne. "I knew I had to be patient. The plan was to let him get comfortable...and he soon as he got really comfortable, the plan was to crack him. And that's what I did."

"It was the same right hand that I used to drop him in the first fight. Arreola had been doing the same mistakes with all of his opponents, but I guess his opponents don't usually watch tapes of his fights."

"I knew it was a wrap," expounded new Heavyweight titlist. "The way I trained, and as hard as I hit for twelve rounds, I knew that I could knock him out. I've got the power."

When asked about whether or not he preferred to face universally recognized Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko or highly touted prospect Deontay Wilder in his first title defense, Mr. Stiverne gave a very candid and appropriate response.

"With all due respect, I don't give a damn about Klitschko or Wilder right now," admitted the 35 year old fighter. "Right now it's about what I won. I'm so happy and this is the best moment of my world."

After suffering a second failed opportunity at capturing championship gold, the 33 year old fighter was candid about what had just transpired in the ring.

"I'm devastated, man," explained Chris Arreola. "I'm here to win. He has a tremendous right hand. I felt like I was winning the fight, but he just got me with the same right hand that hurt me in the first fight. I couldn't get away from it...and after that, it was all she wrote."

Although the brave Riverside based fighter was winning the fight on two of the judges' scorecards at the time of stoppage, another title opportunity had ultimately slipped through Arreola's fingers.

Chris talked about the referee's decision to officially stop the fight.

"Was the fight stopped a little too early, I believe so. But then again, the referee is there to protect me from myself. I felt like I was winning the fight, but a loss is a loss. What can I do? Nothing but tip my hat to him."

When asked about his future in the sport, the 11 year professional was surprisingly upbeat.

"I've got to keep trucking," stated Arreola. "I would have honestly retired if I had lost to a fighter like Seth Mitchell, but Bermane is a world class boxer. I consider myself to be back. I'm going to cause a lot of commotion in the heavyweight division. I' m not out, man. I need to change a couple of things...no more cervezas, I have to live a clean life."
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