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Blair Cobbs: Does WWE-inspired fighter have star potential?

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Blair Cobbs is so silly he's kind of great. He insists he was inspired by WWE and there's no doubting that. 

He's only 13-0-1 with 9 KOs, has yet to face a name opponent and seemingly doesn't have a deep amateur pedigree yet he's generating buzz in the media.

(Image courtesy of Desert Sun)

He's 30 year old welterweight Blair 'The Flair' Cobbs and is coming to a theatre near you.

What, wait?

Who is this guy?

Cobbs caused quite a stir in his most recent bout against Carlos Ortiz Cervantes (then 11-4, 11 KO) on November 2 on the Canelo vs Kovalev undercard broadcast by DAZN.

After being badly hurt and tasting the canvas in the opening stanza, the resilient Cobbs battled back to force a 7th Round stoppage as his foe refused to come out of the corner. But that even high-drama bout and fine performance paled in comparison to his pre and post-fight interviews.

The man is a walking circus.

He's supremely confident, arrogant and a bit obnoxious, and is so silly he's kind of great.

He insists he was inspired by WWE and there's no doubting that. In fact, his nickname, The Flair, is taken from legendary pro wrestler Ric Flair; And like the latter years ago, the flamboyant Cobbs will often yell "WOOO" during interviews.

Promoted by Golden Boy Promotions, the 5'11" southpaw is a product of the proverbial 'School of Hard Knocks.' According to his promoter, Cobbs endured countless hardships during his poverty-ridden youth before becoming the outspoken and flamboyant person he is today.

“It was, like, prepare to die. You could die the very next day. You could die any day of the week and nobody would know, and nobody would care. And I had to survive that," Cobbs told Desert Sun.

Born in Philadelphia, Cobbs was uprooted from several subsequent locations in the States before landing in Guadalajara, Mexico as a teen. Blair's mother had died when he was just 11 and his father was presumably one of those part-time dads who also happened to be on the FBI's Most Wanted list. With little parental guidance and nurturing, Cobbs was a fugitive when he first walked into a local Guadalajara boxing gym where he'd learn the fundamentals of his craft.

“In Mexico, boxing saved my life,” Cobbs exclaimed to Desert Sun. “I didn’t live outside the gym. If I left the gym, that meant life was over. Then I’d have to wait until tomorrow to live again.”

At 18, Cobbs would move to New York and subsequently launch his pro boxing career. After making his debut in June 3 2013, Cobbs would fight twice more that year before having to wait an entire year for Fight No.4. Following that bout in November 2014, Cobbs, then in his mid 20s, wouldn't fight at all in 2015 or 2016.


“I couldn’t get a fight, no matter what,” Cobbs told Desert Sun.. “No matter who, no matter what, nobody would fight me.”

Realizing the importance of having a real team to guide him, Cobbs moved to Las Vegas and hooked up with trainer Bones Adams. And since May 2017, Cobbs has fought 10 times.

Blair Cobbs' next fight

Friday, Feb 14
Samuel Kotey Neequaye (23-2, 16 KO)
Honda Center, Anaheim, California, USA


Can Blair Cobbs become a star?

Answer: Yes

Personality, like sex, sells; And Cobbs, whether a sideshow act or man with a few loose screws, oozes charisma and is very entertaining. Moreover, he has an inspiring backstory and a link to Mexico. As long as he produce in the ring, a fighter like Cobbs will always be in-demand.

So, is he good enough to be relevant enough for people to care?

Thus far, he seems to have the skills to, at the very least, compete as a Top 10 or 20 contender. So yeah, he could conceivably win a major world title in the next two years, especially in the talent-starved super welterweight division.

When trainer Bones Adams first saw Cobbs he noticed talent immediately.

“This kid, he’s something special,” Adams said. “He wasn’t like a normal boxer. He has that awkwardness.”

Cobbs is athletic, boasts decent speed and is unpredictable in the ring. It'll be interesting to see how far his skills - and bodaciousness take him.

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