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Saturday night from the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, Argentinean brawler Marcos Maidana 34-3 with 31 KO's will challenge WBA World welterweight champion Adrien 'The Problem" Broner 27-0 with 22 KO's for the latter's title. This scheduled 12 round bout will be televised live in the U.S. on Showtime, their final boxing broadcast of 2013. 8pm ET 5pm PT.

Adrien Broner is a naturally talented, undefeated fighter who has moved up through three weight divisions in a year and a half.

He's showed explosive power in the super featherweight and lightweight divisions and has never faced anyone in those divisions he wasn't able to dominate and overpower, minus Ponce De Leon perhaps.

When Broner moved up to the 147 pound welterweight division to face Paulie Malignaggi last June, he didn't dominate and overpower the Brooklyn born contender. Granted, Paulie is a very good defensive fighter with a great chin but Broner didn't prove anything with that win.

Saturday's fight with Marcos Maidana will be a greater test for Broner.

Broner vs Maidana Odds
Adrien Broner is the favorite to win this fight at -500.
Marcos Maidana is the underdog at +400.

If you bet on Broner to win, you''ll have to bet $500 to win $100 profit.
If you pick Maidana, you'll win $400 for every $100 you bet.

The over/under for this fight is 10.5 rounds with the over the favorite at -270 the under is +220.

Maidana is a relentless, pressure fighter with knockout power and a solid chin.

Previously regarded as just an-all out brawler, Maidana has become more refined in his style of boxing since he started training at the Robert Garcia Training Academy.

Garcia believes Maidana will be able to find holes in Broner's defense and land punches. If Maidana can find holes in Broner's defense and land cleanly, Broner may be for a long night.

When Garcia saw how Gavin Reese and Paulie Malignaggi were able to land solidly on Broner, the veteran trainer said he was confident Maidana could land punches as well – but with more devastating results.


"Oh definitely I see holes in his defense," Garcia said of Adrien Broner.

"Maidana is going to land some punches and they are going to be a lot harder than Gavin Reese, a lot harder than Paulie."

"We're going to be ready. We know the fight is not easy, we know the fight is going to be difficult. Broner is going to be on the ropes a lot, I'll tell you that. He better prepare himself because he's going to be on the ropes a lot," Garcia said.

Moving up two weight classes to capture the WBA welterweight title from Paulie Malignaggi last June was Broner's biggest accomplishment to date. Now Broner will be facing arguably the hardest puncher of his career in Marcos Maidana Saturday night.

Even though the last four wins on Maidana's record have all come via KO or TKO, Broner said he isn't concerned with Maidana's power.

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"One more thing people don't understand," Broner said, "is the guy's he's knocked out he was able to hit. He has to hit me first, and he's never been hit by me. We'll see what happens December 14th."

The hard hitting Argentine is determined to knock Adrien Broner out when the two faceoff this Saturday night. Maidana has admittedly been annoyed by Broner's brash, cocky attitude, especially when the two locked horns during the Shawn Porter vs Julio Diaz fight at the MGM Grand last September.

"I really wanted to beat and knock him out, even at that stage. The fight was not yet agreed when the incident happened in Las Vegas," Maidana explained about the altercation.

"But after the incident, I'll tell you the truth, it really lightened me up and it was motivating for me, because I'm not used to fights, or getting into arguments, or coming to blows with fellow fighters, but this guy has something special," he said.

This will be the second time Adrien Broner fights at the welterweight limit of 147 pounds. When asked about his strategy, Broner was anything but straight forward; he said:


"I don't fight anybody the same. Maidana has to show me that he has to make me respect his power and his boxing skills. You never know."

"When I make my adjustments inside the ring December 14th, then I'll do what I have to do to get my victory, but until then, we just staying sharp."

As far as Maidana is concerned, he doesn't foresee any problems in the ring that he isn't prepared to deal with.

"In the past, I've had a few problems with boxers, slick boxers, but I don't think Broner is such a slick boxer," Maidana said.

"He's talented, but I'm prepared well. I had great sparing partners this time. I adjusted myself and I'm sure that Adrien is going to respect me in the ring. I will make sure that he respects me in the ring."

Broner vs Maidana Prediction
This bout goes the full 12 rounds and will be so close it will end in a split or majority decision, or even a draw. If the fight doesn't end in a draw, expect Adrien Broner to get the benefit of the doubt in a very close and perhaps controversial decision.
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