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"Canelo Alvarez really wants the Gennady Golovkin fight," insists Hall of Fame promoter

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On Tuesday, August 16, current Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin, head trainer Abel Sanchez and managing director of K2 Promotions West, Tom Loeffler, staged a press conference at the Palm restaurant in Beverly Hills to promote their controversial September 10 event with current IBF Welterweight title holder Kell Brook.

While Team Golovkin and the media in attendance gathered to discuss the highly anticipated match-up, slated to take place at the O2 Arena in London, England, much of the questioning was about a potential match-up between GGG and Canelo Alvarez.

When asked if the fight would ever materialize, Gennady's longtime trainer and mentor, Abel Sanchez, seemed doubtful that the most requested bout in boxing would ever happen.

"Canelo Alvarez, I thought was never going to fight us...at least not right now anyway," Sanchez stated to FightHub TV. "The fight may happen when Gennady is 60. But for right now, I didn't think he would fight us."

On Wednesday night's edition of "War a Week Radio", Golden Boy adviser and Hall of Fame matchmaker Don Chargin seemed a bit irritated by the experienced trainer's comments. According to the six-decade fight promoter, Canelo vs. Golovkin will happen in September of 2017.

"Look, the fight will come off next year," claims Don "War a Week" Chargin.

"If both men stay in their winning ways, the event will be bigger and both fighters will earn more for their efforts. But Abel and his fighter should be solely focused on Kell Brook and not worry about Canelo right now if they really want a fight with Alvarez to materialize."

When asked why he sounded so resolute with his response, Mr. Chargin had a very insightful reply.

"Because I know that Canelo Alvarez really wants the fight. Listen, this is a kid that is very intelligent. Most of the great Mexican champions who were Canelo's idols when he was growing up are now broke. They made good, good money when they were active fighters, but now have nothing. And he's always said that he was never going to end up like that. He promised his family, his mother and father, that they would always be taken care of, and he's really invested wisely."

Although many critics and fight fans want to blame either Canelo or his promoter, Oscar De la Hoya, for the decision to strategically delay the big money fight, the knowledgeable promoter insists the final judgment was truly a group effort.

"Ultimately the final decision is the fighter's," Mr. Chargin told War a Week Radio.

"But with Oscar being a former prizefighter and someone who was synonymous with big money events while he was active, he knows when it's the right time to stage a big fight...he's been through this scenario so many times throughout his entire Hall of Fame career. Canelo trusts Oscar to work in his best interest, and they have a great relationship, in which they discuss every potential scenario."

"Even if Oscar wanted the big payday for his company right now, he couldn't in good conscience tell Canelo that the fight wouldn't be worth more a year from now, because it will indeed be worth more to both competing fighters in 2017. Canelo's purse will more than likely be two to three million more than if the fight were staged next month."

The elder statesman of the boxing community urges every critical fight fan and boxing writer to wait and see how the scenario plays out, and enjoy both fighters' respective efforts in the interim.

"Look, if he turns down the Golovkin fight next year, fans can clearly say that he didn't want it. But that's not going to happen because I know with great certainty that he really wants to fight GGG."

Canelo Alvarez is slated to compete at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on September 17, against current WBO Super Welterweight title holder Liam Smith. The event will be distributed by HBO PPV.

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