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Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan: Canelo to rehydrate to 180/190lbs?

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Given there is no rehydration clause in effect for the upcoming fight between Canelo Alvarez and Amir Khan, many speculate the naturally bigger fighter, Alvarez, to balloon come fight fight, despite the 155 lb catchweight limit.

"I'm going to go up whatever weight makes me feel comfortable," Canelo recently told FightHype.

"If I go up to 180, 190, it doesn't matter...it's my problem and it's my prerogative...I really don't worry about that," the middleweight champion added.

Canelo vs Khan

Titles: WBC, RING Magazine
(Alvarez def)

Division: Middleweight
Catchweight: 155 lbs

Date: May 7
Venue: T-Mobile Arena
Location: Las Vegas

180 or 190 lbs?

Perhaps the Canelo vs Khan mind games are in full effect?

Alvarez won't rehydrate to 190 lbs. And if he hit 180 lbs on fight night, it wouldn't be very wise - or healthy.

Canelo is obviously trying to get in Khan's head by stating he could weigh nearly 200 lbs when he enters the ring.

Perhaps he's hoping Khan will be fearful and fight tentatively as a result... Or maybe he's hoping Team Khan will prepare for a slow and bulky but hard-hiiting cruiserweight come fight time?

Don't be fooled.

Canelo Alvarez will have to be spry and limber to deal with Khan's superior speed and the former's team realizes it. As a result, we'll probably see Canelo enter the ring against Khan at roughly the same size he was against Miguel Cotto or maybe a pound or two lighter.

A fighter of Alvarez's limited height and reach certainly doesn't want to enter the ring carrying a lot of excess weight against a quicker, rangier oppenent like Khan. Coming in at 180lbs would be counter-productive.

Look for Amir Khan to enter the ring between 160 and 162 lbs while Canelo will likely rehydrate from 155 to 168-175 lbs.

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