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Canelo vs GGG who wins? Floyd Mayweather's 'outrageous' comments?

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Retired fight legend Floyd Mayweather Jr is adamant about who wins September's showdown between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin.

"Honestly, I think Canelo can beat Golovkin," Floyd Jr. told FightHype.com last fall.

Has he changed his mind since September?

... Probably not.

“Canelo beats Triple G easy,” Floyd added.

Easy work for Alvarez?

Floyd Mayweather is an all-time great who has shared the ring with Canelo so his prediction is extremely signifcant... When it's an honest one.

“Yeah, he beats him. He stops him. It don’t go the distance. Well, I have to tell Canelo this. Live your life. Do what makes you happy, Canelo.”

Was Floyd being serious?

“There’s no limit to how far Canelo can go,” said Mayweather. “I mean, he has a crazy fan base.”

Even recently-retired greats want to be considered the (current) best, especially the few who leave the sport on top. And there's no question Floyd still thinks he's the best, pound for pound. Perhaps Floyd believes if Canelo becomes the 'king of boxing,' it would only add to his legacy because he defeated the young Mexican, and could proclaim his dominance over the sport for another year or two?

Or maybe there is some animosity towards GGG?

Maybe he feels threatened GGG will become boxing's big new star, replacing him as the sport's biggest name? Now, no one, sans Manny Pacquiao, has reached that level of mainstream celebrityhood.

When boxing embraces new heroes, retired stars, like Floyd, become less relevant. Nevertheless, and after nearly two years in retirement, Floyd Mayweather still gets more media attention than anyone else in boxing thanks to UFC's Conor McGregor. But eventually, the sport will crown a new prince... And it could be Gennady Golovkin.


Canelo vs GGG News
Date: September 16, 2107
Broadcast: HBO PPV (US)

Division: Middleweight
Champion: Golovkin (Consensus)


Let's go back to the mid-1980s...

After Mike Tyson became a heavyweight attraction, it was Larry Holmes, the previous great heavyweight, who stated, "I'm going down in history, not Mike Tyson. He'll go down in history as a SOB."

And when Sugar Ray Leonard, then boxing's biggest attraction, retired, Marvelous Marvin Hagler quickly became the new face of the sport, donning the cover of Sports Illustrated several times and frequently appearing in TV commercials. Media darling no more, Leonard presumably started feeling like a forgotten man. Boxing had crowned its new prince whose biggest critic was the sport's previous media darling, Sugar Ray Leonard.

Ray, of course, would come out of retirement to defeat Hagler and regain the limelight he'd lost.

Does Floyd see Golovkin stealing his proverbial juice?

And does he really think GGG is nothing special?

In response to last year's demand for Mayweather vs GGG, Floyd told FightHype.com in May 2016:

"I would beat him (GGG)...that's easy work... "He's straight up and down with no special effects."

If Canelo 'easily' defeats GGG, it may not only enhance Floyd's legacy but make him look like a genius.

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