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Canelo vs Khan: Old school trainer breaks it down

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When Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan was announced eight weeks ago, many dismissed latter's chances, insisting Khan, a welterweight, was too small and lacked the strength to compete with a powerful middleweight.

However, with each passing week, more fighters, trainers and other experts in the boxing community are giving British welterweight Amir Khan a chance.

Recently, ThaBoxingVoice.com caught up with wise, old school trainer Naazim Richardson to discuss Canelo vs Khan.

“Amir Khan is a problem," said Richardson, who mentored a young, relatively unknown Bernard Hopkins to stardom.

“His speed, if it ain’t hurting you, it’s agitation.”

Amir Khan and that speed…You give him a shot with any of them guys…He’s not as small as everybody think. He ain’t as big as Canelo but I’m saying he ain’t papier-mâché, he ain’t pencil thin either.”

However, in boxing there's an answer for speed, even if the fighters' overall skills are comparable.


Superior timing and range can trump speed. And if a fighter possesses awesome timing and power, like Canelo, even better.

Richardson acknowledged the importance of timing, adding,"Amir Khan can not allow Canelo to pick up on his timing, cuz that big son of a gun catch him in the middle of that timing and I don’t care what weight you coming from, man he gon’ hurt you.”

And while the catchweight limit is 155 lbs, Richardson hinted Khan shouldn't try to be as big as Canelo for the just for the sake of it,  suggesting unnecessary bulk will slow Amir down.

“I would hate to see any muscle slow Amir Khan down. He can’t afford to slow down in there.” Richardson stated.

What are your thoughts on Canelo vs Khan?

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