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Conor McGregor: Will southpaw stance and wild style befuddle Floyd Mayweather?

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Next Saturday, August 26, Floyd Mayweather Jr. will attempt to pick up his 50th professional victory against popular MMA combatant Conor McGregor.

Although most boxing savvy observers view the highly anticipated match-up as a one-sided affair, many media members and Mayweather detractors believe the boisterous Irishman could potentially land an unorthodox punch that Floyd won't see coming.

The reasoning used by most mainstream and casual observers to support the now popular and rampant theory is that McGregor, being a left handed (or southpaw) fighter and an unconventional puncher, could conceivably show the traditionally schooled boxer something he's never seen in a professional boxing ring throughout his impressive and extensive 21 year professional fight career.

Money May's father, devoted mentor and current head trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr., laughs at the idea of his son getting caught by a mid to long range bomb from the relatively inexperienced "striker".

"He can't throw something Floyd hasn't seen...c'mon, man," said the elder statesman of the Mayweather clan to FightHub TV.

"He' ain't gonna land sh**."

The 64 year old boxing coach recently told FightHub TV that his future Hall of Fame fighter will be able to anticipate anything Conor throws from mid to long range, and will counter him effectively with the traditional Mayweather family "catch and go" technique.

"Floyd is gonna catch the left hook and counter off of it with the straight right down the middle...that's it! That's what's going to happen. It ain't even a fight."

If next week's match-up is one of such great disparity, why are so many spectators seemingly drawn to the acclaimed event?

Senior has a theory regarding the current popularity of the unconventional pairing as well.

"Because people want to see strange things. That don't make it a fight."

UFC President Dana White recently told ESPN that Mayweather historically has had difficulty in the ring when facing Southpaw (left handed) opponents.

When perusing through Floyd Jr's 21 year professional resume, the enigmatic defensive technician has faced nine left handed fighters throughout his impressive tenure in boxing without losing a single prizefight.

Although Floyd ostensibly had mild issues when facing former 140 pound world champion DeMarcus "Chop-Chop" Corley in 2004, and initial problems while squaring off against two-division titlist Zab Judah in 2006, two crafty and experienced southpaw boxer/punchers, he was ostensibly endured his toughest test to date against Jose Luis Castillo, a hard-nosed orthodox pressure fighter from Mexico, in April of 2002.

Just for the record, the former sparring partner and apprentice to Mexican fight legend Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. enjoyed his fleeting moments of success while pushing Floyd against the ropes and fighting him from a close distance with effective hooks and uppercuts on the inside...not because Castillo was a left handed puncher.

Traditionally, fighters who have had the most success against Mayweather have effectively closed the distance between the two competing fighters, consequently cutting off Floyd's reaction time...once again, proving White's ignorant "southpaw" theory to be false.

White has also gone on record saying that Conor's power will indeed KO Mayweather Jr. should the Irish striker connect with a solid punch to the head.

Mayweather Sr. merely laughed at such a thought.

"Look, Floyd has fought people who have hit way harder than his a$$," claims Floyd Sr. "Shane Mosley hit harder than him...Oscar De la Hoya hit harder than him. He ain't a big puncher. All he has big is his mouth!"

Time will reveal all in just over one week's time.

Interested fans and spectators can catch Mayweather vs. McGregor live at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on August 26, or can watch it via Showtime PPV for the bargain basement price of $100 through their preferred satellite or cable provider.

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