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Danny 'Swift' Garcia: PBC mutes Angel Garcia as Danny's career continues to flounder

Joseph Herron Updated
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Two decades into the business, and power adviser Al Haymon still doesn't get it.

It's a promoter's, manager's, and adviser's job to nurture a young fighter's career. Year after year, many continuously try, and only a select few have truly been able to produce superstars in boxing on a consistent basis.

This incredible accomplishment customarily takes years of strategic matchmaking, careful training, crafty promotion, and lots of good fortune.

Of course, there is no specific recipe for creating a superstar. No matter what steps a fighter's handlers take, there is no guarantee that any fighter will attract a healthy following. It either happens or it doesn't. But there are certain factors you can control, which can increase the chances of a fighter's mass appeal.

Some of these controllable factors that a fighter can indeed work on are charisma, exposure, and showmanship. Of course, fighters admittedly don't like to focus on any of these variables and would prefer to continuously work on fine-tuning and learning additional skills in the ring.

Unfortunately, boxing is not run like any other popular sport in the world, in which an athlete's statistics determine his or her worth in their selected pastime. A fighter's purse is often determined by several factors in addition to his or her success in the squared circle like popularity and the ability to attract fans to his or her events.

It seems that a fighter truly must possess "something unique" that sets himself apart from everyone else in the crowd of talented athletes.

Danny Garcia did indeed have that "something unique", and adviser Al Haymon just silenced it.

In a recent interview with Hot 97, a Hip Hop commercial radio station in New York City, it was revealed by DSG that his father had been muted by PBC, and was no longer able to publicly "promote" his son's brand before or after any of his fights.

"They took him out," admitted Danny Garcia. "They took him out. He's not allowed to do it anymore."


When Garcia was a blossoming, talented prospect, Danny's trainer and father was welcomed by Golden Boy Promotions as an energetic mouthpiece for the young aspiring fighter. Whether you loved him or hated him, Angel Garcia attracted eyes and ears to each of Danny's fights.

Yes, many boxing fans were understandably annoyed by the theatrics Angel would create during Danny's various press events. But media members always reported every little thing that seemed to come out of the proud Puerto Rican trainer's mouth.

Danny, unfortunately, doesn't have that any longer, and it's no coincidence that Garcia hasn't been able to get his desired match-ups as of late. Despite being one of the best Welterweights in the world and indeed a marketable commodity, Danny Swift has most recently been a true "bridesmaid" of boxing, while desperately yearning to stand in front of the sacred altar of the sport once again.

"PBC says it's all about the fighters," stated Angel Garcia to 'Ebro in the Morning' on Hot 97. "I understand that they are the stars and I'm a trainer. But I was also Danny's mascot."

Apparently not anymore.

Angel Garcia regretfully informed the radio show that he was silenced after a vocal miscue during a press event to promote Danny's match with Keith "One Time" Thurman.

"It was with Thurman. When he got on the podium and said, 'Danny, I'm going to f*** you up,'  I said you ain't doing s***, you b**** a** N-word!"


Although one can understand why Haymon would be hesitant moving forward in allowing Angel to voice his opinions publicly, why completely mute Danny's most vocal supporter before each and every event? Is he afraid of losing any commercial endorsement that he doesn't even have?

This is boxing...not the NFL or NBA.  Danny Garcia will never be mistaken for someone like Paula Dean, in which an entire franchise of cookware and culinary shows had been created.

He's a fighter...through and through.

Does Haymon think fans aren't used to fighters like Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the like saying inappropriate things to media members at times while promoting their fights? In boxing, the outlandish seems to help and doesn't hinder a fighter's career.

Is it any wonder why Danny will be fighting Ivan Redkach this Saturday night and not a top ten fighter?

Of course, it's a mere tune-up fight, and Danny is hoping to land a role in a massive event with Manny Pacquiao or Errol Spence Jr. in 2020.  Without his customary mouthpiece at this disposal, or as Angel likes to call himself, "Danny's mascot", good luck creating that much needed "buzz" necessary to elevate to that next level of popularity.

Yes, Garcia is a very talented fighter and a two-division world champion. He's already proven himself to be one of the division's best, but what's going to separate Danny from the other great fighters currently campaigning in the packed Welterweight division? His looks? His charisma? His performance?

Like it or not, Danny needs his father to help further his brand to a much wider demographic, and Haymon should encourage him...not silence him.

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